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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by thebeni, Jun 4, 2008.

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  1. Hi all

    I have my BARB and BST coming up and I was wondering whether I should dress in a smart manner I.E. shirt, tie, trousers, or if smart/casual would be exceptable. I know first imprestions make a huge difference to people. However I have also been advised I could be spending up to 3 hours in the office and being comfortable in also inportant.

    I know this is quite trivial, but thank you in advance.

  2. If you use the search function you will find the answers you seek :D
  3. I went in trackies, trainers and a t-shirt mate.
    They didn't seem bothered by it.
  4. Nah i went in wearin my Flip flops 3 1/4 lengths and vest nice warm day wouldnt advise it if it was raining btw !!!!!

    think because i was dressed more relaxed helped me get a better score on my barb and feel more relaxed in my intervied because i wasnt wearing a hot shirt and tie !!!

    Edit : forgot to add if you wear flip flops dont take them off and put ure feet on the table they look at you as if you stupid dont know if i offended them ?
  5. It can't hurt to wear a suit can it?
  6. not really my place to say this as mine is on saturday..dont wear a suit you tw@ lol, just go in relaxed clothing.
  7. Your a knob, your right it isn't your place to say.

    If you used the searh function you would see that there are alot of threads on this topic. Many people have gone in suits and the majority do. There is nothing wrong with wearing a suit or shirt and trousers, it sets a better impression and remember first impressions count.
  8. Suit, tie, clean shoes, creases in trousers etc etc.

    Your representing yourself to people of rank, make a good impression for Gods sake.

    Fluffer, be quiet .
  9. Just wear casual for the barb and then shirt and tie for the second interview. I think it's shirt and tie for the 2nd. It is definatly shirt and tie for the selection centre interview.

    Just make sure you ask when you go for the BARB.
  10. Don't listen to all the pricks saying wear a suit and tie. Save that for your interviews, just go smart casual for anything else.
  11. ******* mong

    go casual but smart for your barb mate and suit etc for interview but always be presentable
  12. Wait there let me get this straight. You've just came in here 2 minutes after I posted and basically gave him the exact same advice as I have word for word, yet I'm the mong? Haha sure man, whatever you say.
  13. Jensen, shut the **** up.
  14. I thought i was being clever, slight hint of wit well obviously not off to watch lazy town
  15. Have you even been to the careers yet or are you still too busy telling everyone on the internet what you plan on doing? Fcuking nugget!