barb and army tests need help pls

Hello there everyone i got my @ss down the careers office last thursday after much time talking about it and finaly grew the balls.
Anyway it went ok and was not as nearly as bad as i thought it would be down there got a few things pointed out.
The sgt down there has ask me to go back this thursday with the completed application forms, i d ,and to do the BARB test he said it will take about 3 hours down there and gave me the BARB book to look over.
The thing is,is a week to short to be ready for the BARB and what other test will i need to do there that day apart from BARB.
He said it will take about 3 hours but lookin frew BARB booklet now it ses 5 small test in it all consists of about 2 mins each and it will take 30 mins to compleate.So will it just be the BARB i be doing or is there other tests like maths ,english im not aware of 3 hours seams a bit long and i aint all that clever with maths anway aint done tests since school.Any help and advice you can give me i would be greatfull startin to have sleepless nites up worryin case i f@ck up and not ready and not sure what to exspect. thanks.
Alright mate the Barb test is based on how quickly your brain works, it isn't a pass or fail test as the faster you answer, the more you are asked. It generates a number, the GTI (general trainability index). This gives the recruiter a printout of the jobs available to you. It's not so much about getting each and every question correct and going slowly. It's about working through as quickly and as accurately as possible. I found the Language test hard in one place, it was when you have to listen to a phone conversation and recall information, but the questions are mainly structured as multiple choice so it's not too bad. There are some spelling and grammar tests that aren't too hard. The maths test is a joke to be honest, I only got 2 questions wrong and I'm not exactly Einstein. The maths test at selection however (if you go for a job that requires it) is a bit harder but nothing more than GCSE standard and a good revision book will sort you out. You are allowed a calculator throughout the maths tests so mental arithmetic isn't really a factor. As long as you do the practice Barb booklet and understand each test, you'll be ok mate. One final thought, the recruiters are soldiers themselves and may have their own preferences for jobs, take on board advice given but go with your own decision in the end. When all is said and done, you are the one who will have to do this job for up to 24 years if you decide to. For example, I was encouraged to go for Avionics technician (a lot of people seem to be advised to go for Aeronautics) but I really wanted to be an Armourer and so I've chosen that. I hope this has been a help to you. Good luck, you WILL be fine :D
Suedehead said:
unless your a complete retard you wont have problemss with the tests. i got 81 on the barb and that meant all jobs were open to me.
I had the same with 79 but I think the highest one needed is 60 for Royal Military Police.
Barb test takes around 40 minutes then basic Numeracy and literacy which takes around 30 minutes each and then finally a job brief from your recruiter.
We say three hours so your not rushing over anything!
I did my BARB, job & APDD brief today & it took about 2'5 hours in total. Recruiting sergeant is very thorough going over all the different jobs available to you based on your GTI score which is what will take up the majority of time rather than the test.

Just read & complete the booklet they give you for the BARB, it's more than sufficient to prepare you for it.
If you have an idea of what area you'd like to go into, it will probably take less time when the Sergeant discusses your job choices. I asked for engineering so that's what we spoke about. Actually, I'm surprised the Sergeant got you to do the application form after one visit. I had a chat about what I was interested in and went away with some booklets on the Royal Engineers and REME. I was advised to look through these booklets, watch the DVDs and then come back to do the application form when I had an idea of what job I wanted. Then came the Barb, interviews, selection etc...
Hello there everyone i took the barb thursday got 70 on it what was better then i expected thanks for your info before hand

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