Barak Obama - What Gives?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by MrShanklysboots, Oct 15, 2007.

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  1. I was listening to the Beeb this morning whilst on the way to get the car serviced and heard an item about Obama suffering in the polls behind the democrat anointee Ms Clinton.

    Apparently the Black vote will not vote for him as he does not campaign on Black issues. But there is a very good reason for that.

    The Jesse Jackson experience shows that if you make race an issue you lose an awful lot of votes from the Racial groups that you do not represent.

    Obama (according to the report I heard) is very popular amongst white middle class liberal voters. So - apart from sounding inexperienced on matters of foreign policy - what does he need to do to recover ground on the wife of the First Black President of the USA?

  2. Right now Obama has zero experience other than 2 years in the Senate. Mrs Clinton has no real experience either but the party is run by the Clinton's and she will get her shot. Perhaps in 2012 he might have a bit more experience particularly if he runs for Governor of Illinois. In our system it is quite rare for a Senator to get elected President as the voters like to see a candidate with executive experience as a Governor.
  3. I thought Bill Clinton was the first black president?
  4. Isn't there also an issue about him not being 'black' enough?

    That is, he's an African/American (Kenya/Kansas) rather than an African-American...
  5. Her Cv actually is quiet impressive

    she was the very much hands on wife of a Govenor (fnar fnar)

    equally so she was an active first lady with special responsibility for health

    care reform.

    she is a Senator longer than Barrack as well

    I dont think anyone can really say that she has no real experience
  6. :D U.S.A. from peanut farmers to Ï DID NOT HAVE SEX WITH THIS WOMAN, cowboy actors, cripples. any thing goes with or with out experience it is the money that speaks plus we support you if we get what we want, nothing changes. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  7. I think that's true...I'm a Democrat and that's the sole reason I can't get behind Obama: his lack of experience.

    I hear "But JFK was inexperienced!" a lot. OK, true, but while JFK's tackling of social issues was important, I think most people can agree that his foreign policy was not a raging success; in the current world climate, I don't think we can afford to elect someone whose knowledge is either theoretical or overly idealistic.
  8. That's because there is no such thing as a 'black' issue.

    Having dipped in and out of the Panorama programme last night I got the impression that he seems to have his feet firmly planted in reality. Doesn't believe in affirmative action programmes to lift 'blacks out of poverty' - his vision is that a strong economy, coupled with a first-class accessible education system, and with parents relearning their responsibilities to develop their children rather than plant them in front of the TV each night, is the way to provide opportunity for all.

    Have to say I agree with him. You pitch to a broad church with the achievable aim of pleasing 'most of the people some of the time' rather than 'all of the people all of the time' - that way you move forward and not in circles.

  9. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    It'll be ruddy marvelous if he gets the presidency. Saddam should be well pleased in his grave to see a 'Hussein' as president of the septics. The idea tickles me.
  10. Being a Governor does not mean you gain executive experience. Take the current Muppet for example. The Governor of Texas has very little power. The Texas Constitution lays most of the powers of the executive branch in independently elected cabinet members. Broad powers over the legal system, state budget and finances, education, transportation, agriculture, public utilities, and land development are delegated to officials who need not share the policies nor even be of the same political party as the governor. Success in pushing through tax and education reform in TX during Monkey Boy's governorship (the lynchpin of his first Presidential campaign) was largely due to the efforts of Lt Governor Bob Bullock, a Democrat.

    I don't think there's a preference for Governors on the basis of executive experience. They do, however, tend to be better versed in the idea of "retail politics" than their counterparts in the Senate. (People from the House tend to be better at this too). That is, they find it much easier to attune themselves to local issues on the campaign trail. All too often Senators develop big, impressive (though studiously non-controversial) records on big important issues of national importance, but in doing so, they forget that when it comes to campaigning (and as LBJ said) all politics is local.

    For the record, I'll state here and now that Hillary would be a political disaster for the Democratic party and the country. What's more although she's every bit as bright as her husband, she's not as thoughtful, more aggressive and much more prone to going off the deep end. After 16 years of the most bitter and petty partisan squabbling what the place needs is someone who can inspire, provide hope to and reunite the country. An Obama might be able to do it, perhaps Edwards. On the GOP side Giuliani could, I think, and maybe McCain (now that he's McCain again) or Huckabee. Although he's a bible-thumping hick from Arkansas, he's a very likeable guy.

    Fred Thompson is a stuffed shirt whose campaign is almost stillborn. The only advantage he has right now in terms of his performance is that expectations of him are now so low that it would be nigh on impossible for him not to meet them. As one pundit said before the last debate in Detroit-which was Thompson's debut- all he had to do was stand there and not drool. He was the great white hope (pun intended) of the religious right, whom he p1ssed off on Day 2 by saying he didn't go to church. Since then pretty much the only times he's opened his mouth it has been to change feet. A few weeks ago he couldn't name anything when a reporter asked when his greatest accomplishment in the senate was.

    As for Romney. He's having to throw tons of his own cash into the campaign to stay with the front runners. When it comes down to it, I don't think he's got the legs to carry him home. Besides, he looks like Guy Smiley from Sesame Street:
  11. Which she made an absolute pig's-ear of!
  12. Ah - but there is to a certain kind of Black voter. At least that was the intimation of the report I heard.

    It basically said that he was unpopular amongst blacks because he DOESN'T say all the right stuff about Affirmative Action etc (particularly amongst the poorest Blacks who live just on the poverty line).

    Also it touched on the smear campaign against him from the "Religious Right" - stuff like he is a Muslim and attended a Muslim School in Indonesia, both untrue (although he did attend a mixed faith school in Indonesia with some muslims - quelle surprise :roll: ) and that they refer to him as Osama - all Childish I know, but at a "Bikers Bar" in North Carolina all this was trotted out by those that were interviewed.

    I have to say - Hilary just doesn't pass the trust test for me. I have no particular specialist knowledge of American Politics but those eyes - she looks like a she bitch Ice queen from hell! 8O
  13. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Obama - Osama = no chance
  14. It may have more to do with him being a raging Washington consensus neocon than his pigmentation.
  15. True. It's rather fortunate that Bill didn't trust her with much after that.

    Her new plans have more chance of being implemented as they ensure the cartel run by the big insurers will still have its snout firmly in the trough. Woman's a well greased corporate whore just like her charismatic spouse.

    Hills is an unusually effective politician in a very weak field but devious and naturally authoritarian. I find it very worrying that she is the probable next POTUS. Coming to power when the US government is at an institutionally historic low both in terms of basic competence, probity and popularity. Given the playpen partisanship that dominates within the beltway I suspect this very divisive figure will follow Cheney's line towards a Gaullist concentration of secretive power in the Oval office. For all her soft words her foreign policy is likely to become reactively aggressive and paranoid.

    That woman is Nixon in a twinset and lacks his redeeming, obtuse, political daring. It's fairly alarming indication of Americas drift into Wingnut lal la land that the unpopular cold war demon Nixon was actually often more Left wing in policy terms than either Clinton or the insipid nuke waving BO.

    More alarmist fun with Hills here.