Barak: Israel soon to be able to block 90% of missile launch

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Oct 9, 2007.

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    How it is possible from military point of view?

    Sergey from Jerusalem.
  2. Get a big radar capable of tracking inbound missiles. Buy lots of missiles capable of shooting down inbound missiles. Fire them at inbound missiles. Job done.
  3. It looks as a pure fantasy. Previousluy I thought that mr.Barak is a serious politician.
  4. Well we already have missile systems like AEGIS or CIWS ones such as Goalkeeper whose whole point is to shoot down incoming missiles so I'd expect it to be mostly a case of building on and modifying something like that. The main problems to overcome that I can see would be the low altitude that the incoming missiles have, the short flying time and what happens to missiles you shoot down or ammunition that doesn't hit that might come down on your own territory.

  5. Barak is a deadly serious politician.

    If he is touting a new missile defense program it is for a reason. Like mentally preparing Israelis for the next round of conflict - or sending a message to the Syrians and Iranians - or a hundred other reasons, but probably none of them foolish ones.
  6. The really serious thing would be to build a system that shot the misslies down over someone else's territory. Otherwise the Iranians would just build missiles that were fat and slow, but carried a lot of Anthrax (for example), so that shooting them down became an integral part of the delivery system.
  7. 8) 8) Very good idea,sure upset the firers. 8) 8) We dont have homosexuals in our country, do we? 8) 8)
  8. Which bits looks like fantasy? :?
  9. Shooting them down in the air is always difficult and expensive, it's far easier to target the threat before they're launched, maybe as they're setting up or moving to a potential launch site..................
  10. Yeah but that would involve deploying 49 Para and as you know 'they' are not allowed to work for the israeli's
  11. I think you could adapt some current hardware to do the job remotely in conjunction with some intelligence gathering capability.......
  12. As I recall, I did read somewhere that the Israeli's were working on the Patriot system - to the extent that not only would it be grammatically accurate to describe the system as a true anti-ballistic missile system, it would be so factually accurate that the Americans were getting very excited and Israel could be looking at an export winner if they so choose. (Which I personally doubt - execpt to US)

    Arrow - I am pretty sure that was it......makes you think. Imadinnerjacket could well get his nukes, even put them on missiles - and still not be able to wipe Israel off the face of the planet. Wouldn't that be upsetting!!
  13. Looking deeper into the article makes it claer what sort of threat the IDF is thinking of, to wit. The Hamas free flight rocket, the Qassam and Iran's Shihab missile, which may be based in part on SS-9 design.

    Not actually the latest threat in missile technology!
  14. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    A nice, comprehensive defesnive ring of anti-missile missile batteries, alongside the new US anti-mortar system (which farts just like an A10) and does the slower stuff would probably be quite effective. Rumour has it that we are also looking at the Anti-mortar system, even though it is not exactly that portable.
  15. What this one?

    From Hansard;

    12 Dec 2006 : Column 938W