Barack Obama

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Count.Dracule, Apr 3, 2009.

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  1. Barack Obama today as part of his speech in Strasburg on sky news live, said, if i am mistaken, " Europe needs to stand up to the plate in Afghanistan and not expect the US to shoulder the burden on its own"...No mention of its allies, the UK :x
  2. Or the Netherlands, or Denmark who are both small countries in Europe who have pulled above their weight in Afghanistan too.
  3. I agree, my point being he generalised and that fcuks me off :x
  4. Especially since we apparently have a 'Special' relationship.
  5. Dry your tears Princess , he meant one country in particular.
  6. It's a waste of time engaging with the Septics in any meaningful way. They won WereWarOne all by themselves; they won WereWarTwo all by themselves, and the Kareeyan War too.

    Leave 'em to it! Isolate them and let them carry on as the wänkers they are! They're living in the past and Obama is just carrying on a sad tradition.

  7. Someone should have stood up and asked him to name a war that America has won on its own without the word "civil" in it.
  8. The Spanish American War of 1898 maybe.
  9. Yes I am sure he was! FRANCE! However my point still stands that he generalised and excluded those that do stand upto the plate....He also made a few other errors in his speech but i will leave that as I do not want to distract from my initial point.
  10. Dry my eyes Princess :D I dont know about the Princess bit, try Ogre :D
  11. What do you expect from a political lightweight who's CV shows only 139 days in the Senate doling actual work before he landed this White House gig. :roll: :cyclopsani:




    I did not drink the Kool-Aid and vote for this a$$hole so I don't associate myself with any dribble that comes from his mouth. :evil: I personally like the Brits and I think they're doing a great job in Asscrackistan and Iraq. :wink: :p

    Wouldn't hurt the Froggies and the Hermans to step up their troop manning levels a little though.


  12. 2 Words- Irish Republicamism
  13. Because he doesnt get "it", he is a Lightweight. Those of us who have served understand the need for the Allies and what they have done already.
  14. Well,that's novel, Gildbrocker! How did you manage the jump from Obama to Irish *cough* Republicamism. And what exactly is "republicamism"? Is it leaping chasms on motorbikes? How is it about to bridge the gap and salvage Capitalism in the Republic and thus the world?

    You might be onto a world-beater here, mucker! :D :D :D

  15. Oh, so you lot on the Outrage Bus are happy to identify yourselves as Europeans now?

    Get a grip. The people concerned know who he was speaking to and it wasn't us.