Barack Obama - Life Expectancy Sweepstake

Lets see how many spooky prophets we have! The winner can blow me off. Second prize, blowing me off twice etc.etc.

Choose 1. a method, 2. a date and 3. an idea of the perpetrator(s), 4. a possible location like this:

1. Hail of bullets.
2. September 12th
3. Yoko Ono disguised as professor Plum.
4. The Whitehouse lawn
1. Single shot by a lone gunman
2. July 4th
3. GrandMaster of the KKK
4. Grassy Knoll with a burning cross
1. Several 12 'gauge' shots.
2. November 23rd
3. Cletus P. Redneck, Sh1tkicker, AL
4. A grassy knoll.

Curse you ark angel, I look like a picosecond plagiarist.


1. Pretzsel laced with anthrax.
2. April 1st.
3. George Bush Snr.
4. Oval Office.

Hope the CIA don't get hold of this 8O
1. IED
2. July 9th
3. AQ
4. Iraq/Afghan, whilst visiting troops.
1. Lead Piping
3. Proff Plumb.
4. Week on Teusday around 16;00 hrs, local

But seriously I was talking about this the other day. I reckon within 12 months of being elected(if elected) and it will be a hand gun, 2 or 3 shots to the body by a white supremecist called Cletus fron Alybamy!
1) Pickled Herring
2) February 7th 2009, 1:09PM
3) The demented lovechild of David Blunkett and Cherie Blair
4) Ann Summers in Bournemouth
1. Intercontinental Ballistic Missile.

2. Anywhere.

3. Russia

4. Sometime soon.
1. Entirely natural causes, not suspicious in any way at all.
2. In private, surrounded only by a select gathering of senior Democrats.
3. Nobody with any provable connection to the Clintons whatsoever.
4. The day after Hilary's appointed as Vice-President.
on a date with...
Fritzl's cellar
.22 Rimfire rifle from 2000yards
3 months to the day from taking office.
Any conveniently placed white supremacist
On the steps to Marine One

If one word of this should turn out to be true its purely co-incedence!
1. Bomb
2. 1st Flight on Air Force One
3. Disgruntled Airmen
4. Over Alabama
FatBoyGeorge said:
Pretty damn short considering now that his deputy is Joe Biden, Senator for Delaware.

Barrack Obama.....Joe Biden......Obama Biden....... ring any bells?

That plus 12% of the septics believe that Obama is a muslim.
Yeah, but around 50% of septics think everyone in the UK knows the queen! (if they know where the UK is of course) :x
1: 12 Gauge blast

2: Next year

3: Dick Cheney

4: Private pheasant hunt


1: Bowling ball

2: On the campaign trail

3: Self inflicted

4: Second abortive attempt to woo red neck voters with bowling prowess goes even more horribly wrong than the first.
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22 November

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