Barack Obama arrives in Britain

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bullet_catcher, May 24, 2011.

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  1. Barack Obama has arrived in Britain. I hope he and his good lady have a pleasant visit.
  2. Hopefully their routes have been recced to avoid speed bumps, potholes and ramps.
  3. I hope he passes the Manchester book repository and a grassy knoll in an open cavalcade.
  4. Nice watching him and Phil inspecting the Scots Guards with their Bayonets fixed.

    Is Obama still insisting on calling the Falkland Islands the Malvinas?
  5. Obama - the Black Tony Blair. No time for him or his wife!
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  6. He can't be black, why only yesterday he was a Leppracoon

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  7. All Americans are Irish on St Paddys day!
  8. Quality!:headbang:

  9. What a woose, sneaking in to Buck House. Why not arrive on Horseguards like every other Head of State and process in carriages to Buck HOuse. I have been walking up and down St James' Park all day. Finally got a glimpse as he whizzed back into Buck House, with his 14 other vehicles including two loads of cops in tin hats with guns, I had to chuckle. HMQ left Buck House on Monday night to go to Chelsea Flower show with 4 outriders and one cop car. Thank God we have a Queen and not a President
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  10. **** and is wife didn't even bow/courtsey for the Boss. Yank twats
  11. the mad thing is they're very possibly not even british, the USSS insist on bringing there own Counter Assault Team with them
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  12. Errr..... no they didn't.

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  13. I stand corrected, I know previously they did, clearly they trust 19

    I'll sit in the corner and think about what I did there (can you link the article image came from please)

    EDIT: according to a couple of media sources USSS do have armed personnel deployed, be that in the form of the ambassdors normal PSD or the agents assigned to POTUS I don't know but when Bush was over they brought there own CAT
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  14. Yes that's them! Well one lot anyway