Barack Obama appeal to European voters to get more troops

Barack Obama will appeal to European voters to get more troops for Afghanistan
Barack Obama will use his popularity with voters in Europe to put pressure on EU governments to commit more troops to Afghanistan.

By Tim Shipman in Denver
Last Updated: 7:27PM BST 30 Aug 2008

Mr Obama's appeal for more troops will target the governments in Germany and other EU countries which have been reluctant to commit combat forces in the numbers needed Photo: GETTY
Senator Jack Reed, who accompanied Mr Obama on his recent trip to Europe and the Middle East and is a spokesman for his presidential campaign, revealed that Mr Obama thinks he can appeal over the heads of EU leaders to win support for British and American forces fighting the Taliban.

The senator from Rhode Island, a member of the foreign relations committee, told the Daily Telegraph that Mr Obama believes the goodwill he has accumulated in Europe can be used during the first months of his presidency to recast the war on terrorism, focusing on al-Qaeda forces in Afghanistan and Pakistan, rather than the war in Iraq.
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