Barack Obama and America-The "Left Wing" Spin

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Mar 12, 2010.

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  1. It is telling that this appears in today's Open Democracy (self-decribed as "openDemocracy is committed to human rights and democracy. We aim to ensure that marginalised views and voices are heard. We believe facilitating argument and understanding across geographical boundaries is vital to preventing injustice."). This gives a hint of the coming spin as to why He is not as successful a "change agent' as those on the "left" (I realize this is imprecise) of the political spectrum want. Among other things, the author is attributing this to the shift to the right of the US and the rise of right-leaning media.

    I find this assessment bordering on the ludicrous and yet another example of the progressive mindset being unwilling, and perhaps as "true believers" unable, to see the reality for what it is in terms of the apparent frustration of much of their hoped-for agenda. A hint of this rose-colored glasses problem they have is when he refers (I assume with a straight face) to the Anointed One as having "integrity and talent."

    I can but wonder on what record of actual behavior (as opposed to what he was expected to do that formed the basis for His ludicrous Nobel award) the author based this assertion. At least he did not make it further surreal by ascribing any relevant and substantive experience that would qualify Him to be President.