Barack Hussein Obama - The next US President?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Seedubs, Dec 13, 2006.

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  1. With a name like that, you wouldnt think he stands a chance, but.........

    BBC Link
  2. Call me cynical but unless he can get the millions needed for the race then he is going to come second (or third or fourth).

    Politics without money in the US is - at the moment - a non runner
  3. He's being Overexposed by his handler's & the media. By the time it's campaign time, he'll be the next Hubert Humphrey
  4. call me a cynic but surely the millions of yanks that believed the WMD and Saddams links to Al Quaeda bullshoite that Wee Georgie dubya spouted, will hardly vote for this guy..... they'll probably think he's a trusted lieutenant of Osama bin flip flop, or they would if Bush told 'em so
  5. I'm not sure if Barack will make through the rounds to stand for this election seeing as Hilary has her eye on the prize. However, I saw him speaking in 2004 at the Democratic Convention in Boston and I have to say he was extremely good and very well received.
  6. Agreed, that speach truly was a spectacle. He actually has a great deal of respect, so it's not inconcievable that he could win.

    So far, my preferences for 2008, from first to third choice, are:

    1. John McCain
    2. Barack Obama
    3. Rudy Giuliani
  7. he's the media flavor of the week, but if he's not careful he'll end up like Howard Dean.