Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by cruisecontrol, Apr 28, 2005.

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  1. what are the odds on the regiment building a bar for per staff and upgraders as good as the phase 2s bar.
  2. We already have one looney!! It is on the side of the ibiza bar, but not enough staff at naafi to run it!!
  3. Ah once again the same threads that appeared last month and the month before and the month before are re occuring. Why cant i park here, why is the bar rubbish, why is the RSM nasty and shouts at me, why do the RP's act like RP's instead of sitting in the guardroom drinking brews, why do i have to wear uniform. This is the Signals page not the bitch about blandford page get a grip people maybe theproblem with blandford is the people writing these threads.
  4. Because they damn well love it...........bullsh1t baffles brains and all and haircuts............awesome!!!
  5. Lets play guess who the RP is. Wow i'm amazed you can use a PC, are you just hitting buttons and here by fluke :lol:
  6. who says i am an RP, just cos i like military bullsh1t..........unlike you soft cnut!!
  7. just an educated guess!!!!!!!!! that comment and asking what people think of the new RP yesterday
  8. well keep guessing my tech buddy
  9. and as for the new RP i met him and think he's ok........what about harold steptoe though!!!! poor cnut had a tough paper round eh!!
  10. come on bull keep coming with your witty comments it cracks me up
  11. sorry this thread was getting so boring i fell asleep.
  12. poor boy.......go get yourself off to bed you got a tough day at school tomorrow!!
  13. bull do you actually have a personality..........yesterday you were mr chatty and mr opinionated and tonight.....................boring fcuk
  14. I have a personality, i have multiple personalities. What can i say the source material just isn't as good tonight to warrant a decent response. Plus i'm watching some dumb yank kill himself on telly
  15. multiple personalities?? Make sure you take your medication before bedtime won't you!!