Bar Room Brawl. Music/Weapons sorted, chose your opponent

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by plant_life, Dec 29, 2008.

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  1. Any Labour politician

  2. Pete Dougherty

  3. Simon Cowell

  4. Piers Morgan

  5. Johnathon Ross

  6. George Galloway

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  7. Steve Maclaren

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  8. Sven Goran Erikson

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  9. Mark Ronson

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  10. Dizzy Rascal (or any other d1ck head rapper)

  1. For me it has to be Pete Dougherty. Absolute oxygen thief who deserves a shoeing.
  2. You Forgot Tim "Pimp my Ride" Westwood....utter Cnut that he is.........
  3. Tim Westwood is such a joke. He speaks like he's from South Central Los Angeles but actually he's a 52 year sonof a Bishop from East Anglia.
  4. Any new Liabour lefty politician Gordon Brown preferably.
  5. saw pete doherty on jonathon ross a few years ago. he was actually a pretty funny bloke, druggy wastoid or not.
  6. I voted for any Liarbour politician, but to be honest, that list is a little short. You left out Russell Brand, Sven, Jamie Oliver, fcuking loads of O2 theives but I suppose voting space was at a premium.
  7. Agreed I've seen him in a few interviews and he's come across a quite a funny bloke, very well read too.
  8. Where's Piers Morgan in the list..............
  9. 4th from the top.

    Pete Dougherty deserving a shoeing if for nothing else than really taking the p155 when it comes to drugs. How many times has that tw@t been caught and not chucked in jailed?

  10. Thats down to the justice system in England not Pete Dougherty.
  11. He's still a c unit that should be in jail.
  12. Geri fu cking haliwell the ginger Crunt
  13. I left out women but there a few who deserve to be exterminated. Jade Goody and Cherie Blair for example.
  14. hmmm..... ive voted for any labour politician, though in reality ive never seen one down my local... and unlikely to see one in any naffi either...

    shame, i had my chair selected and my best calsberg ashtray was on standby :(
  15. Any of the following
    Michael Barrymore
    Peter Tatchell
    Vinnie Jones
    Jackie Smith
    Jack Straw
    Take That
    Kerry Katona
    Billy Connolly
    Barry from the Cillit bang adverts
    Cilla Black
    David Beckham
    Victoria Beckham
    All New Liabour
    Any Big Brother "celebrity
    Noel & Liam Gallagher ( see how hard they are without 10 bodyguards)
    Amy Crackhouse
    Jason Donovan
    The Pope
    The Dalai Llama
    The Punisher
    Gerry Adams
    Martin McGuiness
    The Clangers
    Mad Max
    William Tell
    Jason Bourne
    Crane Drivers
    Ronnie Biggs
    Ronnie Kray
    Anyone called Ronnie
    Steve Davies
    Joe Cole
    The Snail
    Jonathan Ross
    Peter Pan
    The Goonies
    Ben and Jerry
    Any Manc
    Asylum seekers called Ralph
    The Sopranoes
    Billy the Kid
    The cast of Hollyoaks
    Anyone who rides a BMX
    Pol Pot
    Pot Pol
    The Yorkshire Ripper
    Shane McGowan
    Kerry Katona
    The Wombles
    Guardian readers
    Boy Scouts
    David Van Day
    Jason Donovan
    The Dole
    People from Tuebrook / Childwall & Wavertree
    My mum
    JR Ewing
    Terry McCann
    Arthur Daley
    James Bond
    Steve McQueen
    Alf Garnett
    The Zulu tribe
    Soul Boys
    People with gay hair
    Norfolk & Suffolk
    Anyone with a lisp
    Anyone without a lisp
    Polly The Parrott
    George from Rainbow (not zippyMy next door neighbour
    The cast of nieghbours
    Rice Crispies
    Paul Young ( and his wife)
    Coronation Street
    The Queen
    King Midas
    Lord Byron
    The Poet Lauriete
    Wilf from Camden
    Abdul the newsagent
    Coco the clown
    John Wayne Gacy
    The Boston Strangler
    Andy McNab
    Robert De Niro
    Joe Pesci
    Henry Hill
    Liverpool F.C supporters who come from Wigan, Runcorn, Kent, Oslo, Russia etc anywhere except Liverpool supporters my ARRSE!!
    Robinson Crusoe
    The Aga Khan
    Paul McCartney
    Heather Mills
    Joe Public