Bar in Coventry turns away Soldiers from 1st Battalion Royal Welsh before funeral.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by CURFCno5, Jun 26, 2012.

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  1. Just thought this might interest people.

    Browns Bar in Coventry refused to serve a group of Soldiers a cup of Coffee before they buried their fallen comrade Cpl Michael Thacker.

    Local and regional news has been contacted to help raise awareness of the event. The soldiers were refused service because they were in Uniform whilst taking a break from rehearsing the funeral service. The soldiers were simply wanting a morning coffee.

    Cpl Thacker's Wife said of the incident
    '' ... I have to say when I found out this news i was horrified. Especially seeing as one of the men in uniform was his grievng brother! The lack of respect you have shown my husband, me and the lads yesterday will never be forgotten by the people in Coventry''.

    The page on facebook has had almost 13,000 members in the past 4 hours. Please join even if you're not from Coventry. I spent 4 years in the city when at Uni there and this Bar has always been known for turning people away for feable reasons; but this is really low.


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  2. Place is a shithole famous locally for having a stupidly strict door policy, it's ran by hippy veggie *****!
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  3. Me and a mate were turned away when we went there with our girlfriends. We could only fathom that this was because we were 6ft 3" rugby players. Doorstaff only enjoy the company of anorexic art students.
  4. They probably had you pegged as the kind of person who starts outrage threads on the internet.
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  5. I thought I read that as if; they were kicked out for ordering coffee.
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  6. oldbaldy

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  7. ahw gawd.
  8. Not being one for outrage threads but should it not be Cpl Thacker's widow?
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  9. Squaddies barred from shit pub?
    Oh the huge manatee!
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  10. In the facebook group where it was quoted from, Mrs Thacker used the title ''Wife'' - thought it was correct to respect that.
  11. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I wouldn't have let the Taff ***** in my pub either.
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  12. Condolences to Cpl Thacker's wife. Sounds like the bar is sh*t hole anyway, but do we really need another outrage Facebook page. They always start off with good intentions but then normally descend into a slagging match. I'm all for highlighting establishments that treat soldiers poorly but from reading the comments about this place it sounds like it's not just soldiers that are mistreated.
  13. How about the simple fact that a bar can turn away anyone they damn well please?

    Go to the next bar, don't ruin the memories of your loved ones funeral by only thinking about the nasty bar that wouldn't sell you coffee
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  14. Did three months in Coventry with work. Shit hole. Should have called it quits after the Luftwaffe paid 'that' visit.
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  15. I agree with mac ^.

    If you think it's bad now, wait a couple of years when we are in-between wars. No ****** will give a uniformed soldier the time of day, let alone serve him/her with a smile.

    Sad, but it's a historical fact.
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