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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by diehard57, May 19, 2007.

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  1. Once the staple for a pished up evening but are they still played or have the H&S Nazis risk assesed them as hazardous to health?

    Bottle walking?

    Over and under a 6 foot trestle table?

    Hanging upside down from a door and drinking a pint?

    Boat races?


    Eating 10 cream crackers?

    Flaming Drambuies?

    Falling wall headbutt?

    Dance of the flaming arrseholes?
  2. They still play nails - which when pissed cannot possibly pass H & S regulation.
  3. How do you play falling wall headbutt?
    Still play most of the others.

    Not seen freckles since early BFG days...........
  4. Wake up you lot Mens games, Soggy Biscuit
  6. Spots- is for winners

    All you need is a large turd - fresh out someones arrse.
    A big mallet and then you all sit around the table and a nominated person hits the aforesaid turd with mallet and the person sitting around the table with the least amount of poo spots on thier boat race has to eat the remanace off the table!

    Real test of character - soggy biscuit my arrse - game for latent marmite farmers!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I know of at least one mess which still has a variation of the dangling from a door and downing a pint game.
  8. I play the same game everytime I end up in the bar, its well cool - like sooo tops - and i win everytime.

    What you is go in and ask for a pint, after a brief exchange of conversation with the gopping pads wife behind the bar who looks like she's been fucked over by a meat & potato pie, you get conned out of some gold round token things and win a pint of luke warm fizzy - she'll say it's lager but don't trust any one with sweat rings bigger than Saturn.
  9. Danger Darts is my pub game of choice- Blindfold participant, spin him/her around 10 times (or so), and give them a dart. They then have to throw the dart where they think the board is...
  10. The other game we play it to see who can hop on one leg the longest. When everybodys out we sit down and debaite the current situation in Chechnya. Oh how we laugh.
  11. Playing "Spoons" with the young subalterns was always a good one !
  12. "Lancaster Bomber", anyone?
  13. Spoof, has to win every time
  14. I like to play this game.

    On entry into a drinking establishment with a group of friends, one of you goes to the bar and buys everyone else a drink. this motion continues until everyone in turn has bought a drink. Then start the entire proces again.

    Oddly, the more times people go to the bar, the more drunk you get, its dead cool.

    The other game I haven't played for a while is smashing people in the face with glass ashtrays, the police always win that though
  15. I used to play Shock in the bar many a time always good for a drink or two :D :D