Bar Fight

Bar Fight
A guy walded into a NAAFI bar and ordered 10 shots of whiskey. Then asked who is the baddest SOB in here?

The bartender said, "that guy shooting pool." The man walked over and beat the shit out of him.

The next night the man ordered 15 shots of whiskey. Asked who is the baddest SOB in here? the bartender said the guy playing pinball. He walked over and beat his ass.

the bartender got sick of this guy and got an idea. He called the zoo and got them to bring a huge gorrilla and put in the bathroom.

the next night the guy ordered 20 shots of whiskey. and again asked , who is the baddest SOB in here/ the bartender said the big guy in the bathroom.

the guy wnt in and caused a big uproar in the bathroom. he came out with his clothes all torn, blood dripping from everywhere.

the bartender asked "what happened?"

The guy said tell that blighty when he wakes up that his fur coat is in the garbage can.


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