Bar/Brothel Rating

I have received a briefing note re Sennelager it contains the following:

just outside the camp is what is known as “The Strip” it has many bars, take a ways and a brothel

Reviews on the Bars please, you may add comments re the Brothel not for my use you undestand but others in coy may wish to partake

its pritty poor compared with MG's cherrys and Club 35.... from what ive been told :roll:

popped in there during last years RE games but the girls are pritty ropey... may be better in there over the weekend though
When I was there last there was the Senn-eck, more like a pub than your normal boxhead bar, the barman was a pro nails player so don't fall for his match for a pint crack, not a bad bar for a Leo-Sayer. Next was Bonkers which was your fill up station before the Dome which was the night club, Bonkers gets a better standard of bird then the Senne-eck but don't get high hopes. The Dome is a night club full of pissed up bill oddies, nuf said. Be warned there are some well dodgey birds in Sennelager, stay clear of the husband hunters, if your OP skills are up to scratch you'll be fine. As for the brothel, what ever you do don't piss the bouncer off he's a f**king psycho.
Neils pub was in the SUN many many moons ago about some big 30 on 30 fight with infantry or something can't remember now. Laughed my arrse off when I read it, enjoy...

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