bar at bottom of page slowing everything up

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by haggler, Jun 2, 2013.

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  1. a bar with twitter facebook etc icons appears at bottom of page slowing everything to a crawl on mobile data.
    Sort it out pronto or i will fuck off to Islam to the max
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  2. What the fuck? Everyone here knows what that bar is, you piss-stained tramp, so what the hell are you babbling about?
  3. There's a bar? Does Sluggy know?
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  4. No wait,...... nah fuck it. Bye
  5. You're not even capable of posting this in the correct forum, you'll not be missed.
  6. Um yeah, if you like um, hit the little drug capsule icon 'viola' all that mysteriously vanishes. It's like um, magic man.
  7. Say hi to Mohammed for me.

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  8. Here you go, it can't possibly make this thread any shitfuller.

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  9. So I did't put the little shit squiggle above the 'a'. So sue me.

    Besides, you've brought back crap memories of an ex-shags sister who played that devil's instrument. Thanks a bloody lot. Now that tortured cat squawking will be in my head all arvo. =(

  10. shut the door on the way out. Spare bacon sarnie anyone! Haggler doesnt want his anymore!
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  11. Nothing to do with a little shit squiqqle above the 'a' - not much anyway.

    One is a musical instrument - VIOLAand the other is a defective verb (a French Shit Squiggle Word in fact) - VOI

    Surpisingly, an uncultured Fosters swilling sheep shearer in the colonies knew the difference. [​IMG]

    Good tip though.
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  12. Yeah we all drink fosters here, it's fucking lovely.

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  13. Let me show you the door:-