Baptist churches burning....

Look at all these reports, not a single mention of Communists, Islamic fundamentalists, Hamas, al-Qaida, Taleban, Iran, Syria or North Korea.


NY Times Second Rash of Fires Strikes Churches in Rural Alabama Here:

LA Times More Alabama Churches Burned Here:,0,3979642.story?coll=la-headlines-nation

Washington Post Fires Reported at 4 More Ala. Churches Here:

CNN Church blazes 'No. 1 priority' for federal agency Here:

Christian Post Police Follow New Leads on Alabama Church Fires Case Here:

USA Today Pair sought in Alabama church arsons Here:

or even here:,2933,184101,00.html

FOX news Ala. Church Fires Appear Linked

Must be the traditional (left-wing) media reporting all their untruths again!!!!
AndyPipkin said:
merkator seems almost as obsessed with the USA as Sergey!
Doing my 'Life in the US' test next week, so swotting up on current affairs. :wink:
i will be driving through Alabama next week, so wil be looking at the situation there, i have heard of the possible resurgence of the KKK, bad thing and will set back recial progress unless cool head prevails..........

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