BAOR was it the biggest piss up ever

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by VANDAMME, Nov 14, 2008.

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  1. Being old and bald now, I look back at the days of BAOR and wonder was it just the biggest piss up ever?
    Just about anything we did involved getting pissed, you could write volumes on the stories behind it all, the fuking funny things we all did and got away with all down to the good old 10 pack

    3 Div Soest back in 81, the NAFFI used to sell ale at dinner times! on a Friday we all used to "go for it" and see who could do an 8 pinter in the hour and get through the afternoon, not only that Friday afternoons were always, sweep the square, tidy up and hit the SQN bar, fuk me what fun

    Come on guys whack some stories on about the good days and BAOR
  2. Piss up? I,ll say --- when we had enough money. in the late fifties was around £2 a week.

    As a result we always left a decent amount to finance Saturday night.

    Typical night went as followes:- 1400 hrs down to Mutties pub at the end of the cul-de-sac 250 metres from the pay ofice gate. Sit drinking until around, stagger back to cookhouse to see what was on offer. Usually walk out at the sight of the stomach heaving stuff on show and back to Mutties.

    Sit drinking without a break until until 10ish then sometimes outside for a discreet spew up away from the pub ( we really liked Muttie)
    Back to the bar to order double eggs,ham and fantastic chips. Eat meal then more booze until 2 or 3 am then back to a gap in the wire and crawl laughing back into the pay office.

    Does this pass/ Only don,t ask me to estimate how much Amstel, Heineken we put away 50 years is a long time.

  3. Yep, it certainly was...................................
  4. Can't remember. Must have been pi$$ed at the time
  5. As an ex of 3 Div and the great Task force Foxtrot (79-81), we worked hard and played hard, and drank the place dry, I seem to remember our Div Cmdr Maj Gen DL Payne getting caught with the horse box of port at customs so we all followed the leader.

    In defence we were on borrowed time if the Reds came over the border, so we made the most of it.
  6. RAFG was also a major p1ssex. At RAF Gütersloh, now PRB, we had loads of cellar bars, plus all the Messes and club bars. All of which were well frequented. Even deployed on exersise we were allowed two tins per man per day. :D Nice try but no cigar to the man who thought that meant 2 party 7s per day. 8O
  7. Damn right. The Hilltop sites were awash with us Scalies in those days. RRB Tp 4 Div was the place to be. We would have been completely f*cked if the balloon had gone up, as the Deister, Bielefeld Ridge, Ith etc would have been carpet-bombed within hours of deployment. Still we had our cam nets, hessian and noddy suits to protect us! Work hard, play hard was the mantra and it was certainly one big p*ss up, once the cam cream had been scraped off. :)
    Happy days, and it bears no comparison with what the lads and lasses are having to deal with in the sandpits in the modern era. They have my total respect.
  8. must agree
  9. Yes it was. I turned up in BAOR in the summer of '84 and I've never seen so many youngsters on the verge of being alcaholics. Serious. Straight from basic to endless cheap fags and booze. Nothing can prepare a 17 year old for that! Wish I could do it all again.
  10. Great years...every Sqn had a bar.Start drinkin at 16:00 on a Friday and finish 1st parade on a Monday.Emptying your guts on the tank park.Those were the days.
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  11. If there had been breath checks in those days the whole BAOR would hsve been banged up. F or about 6 yrs i think i was basicaly pissed every night, and weekends the Sqn bar never closed and we where an AIR SQN
  12. TOGA ! TOGA !
  13. As the weekend drew to close we would get all the pfennigs together and hit the Celle piano bar if we had enough we would then go to Europa 2000, then bar Zum Teufel returning to camp in time for the PT test monday morning, aaaagh bliss, ran my best time when still drunk. Oh to be 18 again.
  14. Start the day with a King Eddie and an apfelcorn, serious life style that was!
  15. Fcuk me that brought back memories, an officer should always lead from the front, top bloke that man.

    I seem to vaguely remember some army barmy stuff like Ex Summer Sales, and crash outs at 3am in the morning after just getting in at 2.30am

    Naafi piss ups and all head for the shack or Big Ben seem to be pretty clear though, and falling asleep at the 69 club during the films in between the strip shows :D