BAOR Visit

Hi, Guys.
In the recent past I have organised and conducted Tours of the German/ Austrian KZ Camps(No personal gain). We have a lot of Members who are ex Cold War Warriors(me too) and I thought some of us would like to visit our old stomping grounds before they disappear forever.

If there is interest. genuine, I will be happy to sort it all out, Flights, Acc, Transport etc.

This how it works, tried and tested.
Agree dates(1 week?)
Agree itinerary.
Book Flights, individually and we all meet at same Airport on the day.
Book Cars, my last tour was 3x Estates, travel in Convoy or whatever.
Book Acc. I never use large poofter Hotels, as long as it's got a Bar and Rest. and is close to our next loc. it's OK.
Contact our Members over there and arrange a Smoker,and/or visit to a Unit?

With the advent of the Low Cost Flight it won't set us back a fortune,
Aug 2010(my last one) Flights+Car+Acc came to less than £300 and that included 2 nights in Berlin - not a cheap City!
all the other expenses, food, drink and fuel we worked on a kitty system.

I didn't know any of the last lot from Adam but we shared a common interest, as we do,
and we all got on, this time we'll all be Arrsers!

Declare your interest on this Forum, then we can go down the PM/EMAIL/PHONE route


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