BAOR orbat for the early 80s

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Rodney2q, Apr 29, 2009.

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  1. Dear all

    Does anyone know where I can find out which units were in which Divs/Bdes in BAOR in the early 1980's?


  2. 1 Armd Div Verden

    2Armd Div Lubbecke

    3 Armd Div Soest

    4 Armd Div Herford

    5 Field Force at Hildeshiem (I think)
  3. Can't vouch for it...

    British Order of Battle – Mid 1980

    In 1980 the British Army was still organised in the “Task Force” system. The idea was that each Division would have 2 “Task Forces”, which were essentially large brigades. Sufficient equipment had been ordered in the late 70’s to make sure that by the time of GDW’s Twilight War all BAOR Infantry would be Warrior equipped, and Saxon would be equipping all the TA BAOR roled battalions. Challenger was to supplement, not replace Chieftain.

    The problem was one of manpower. By moving to 4 large Armoured Divisions (from 3 small Divisions), Britain could not keep the BAOR at full strength, as there were other operational tasks such as Northern Ireland, training etc. to do. The solution was to keep the Divisions at 50-67% strength, to be reinforced to full strength in time of war.

    In 1982, this structure was abandoned for a 2.5 Armoured Division structure, with the majority of the forces in Germany. Two armoured divisions (1st and 4th) were the FEBA (Forward Edge of Battle Area) Divisions, while a reserve division (3rd) had only two brigades, 1 armoured, 1 mech, with another held in the UK. The 2nd Division became a TA centred Infantry Division.

    British Army of the Rhine (1st British Army)

    Berlin Field Force

    Royal Hussars (1 Sqn, the remainder at the Land Warfare Centre)

    1st Battalion, Grenadier Guards

    2nd Battalion, Royal Anglian Regiment

    1st Battalion, Royal Irish Rangers

    1st Armoured Division

    16th/5th Lancers (Recce)

    TF A

    14th/20th Hussars

    2nd Royal Tank Regiment

    1st Battalion, Coldstream Guards

    3rd Battalion, Royal Regiment of Fusiliers

    TF B

    1st The Queen’s Dragoon Guards

    1st Royal Tank Regiment

    1st Battalion, Royal Anglian Regiment

    2nd Armoured Division

    Queen’s Royal Irish Hussars (Recce)

    TF C

    The Life Guards

    4th Royal Tank Regiment

    2nd Battalion, Grenadier Guards

    TF D

    5th Royal Irish Dragoon Guards

    1st Battalion, Royal Regiment of Fusiliers

    1st Battalion, Duke of Edinburgh’s Regiment

    3rd Armoured Division

    15th/19th Hussars (Recce)

    TF E

    Royal Scots Dragoon Guards

    1st Battalion, Royal Highland Fusiliers

    1st Battalion, Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters

    TF F

    3rd Royal Tank Regiment

    1st Battalion, Black Watch

    4th Armoured Division

    4th/7th Dragoon Guards (Recce)

    TF G

    Queen’s Own Hussars

    1st Battalion, Gloucestershire Regiment

    1st Battalion, Duke of Wellington’s Regiment

    TF H

    9th/12th Royal Lancers

    1st Battalion, Royal Welsh Fusiliers

    5th Field Force

    1st Battalion, Devon and Dorset Regiment

    1st Battalion, Green Howards (deployed at Catterick, UK)

    1st Battalion, King’s Own Scottish Borderers

    HQ, Northern Ireland

    3 Infantry Brigade

    1st Battalion, Scots Guards

    8 Infantry Brigade

    1st Battalion, Staffordshire Regiment

    39 Infantry Brigade

    2nd Battalion, Royal Regiment of Fusiliers

    2nd Battalion, Parachute Regiment

    Overseas Forces

    Belize Field Force

    1st Battalion, Cheshire Regiment

    Brunei Field Force

    1st Battalion, 7th Gurkha Rifles

    1st Battalion, 10th Gurkha Rifles

    Cyprus Field Force

    3rd Battalion, Light Infantry

    1st Battalion, Queen’s Lancashire Regiment

    Gibraltar Field Force

    2nd Battalion, Light Infantry

    Gurkha Field Force (Hong Kong)

    1st Battalion, Royal Hampshire Regiment

    1st Battalion, Queen’s Own Highlanders

    2nd Battalion, 6th Gurkha Rifles

    1st Battalion, 7th Gurkha Rifles

    Salerno Company, 41 (Independent) Commando RM

    United Kingdom Land Forces

    6th Field Force (Strategic Reserve)

    The Blues and Royals

    1st Battalion, Royal Regiment of Wales

    1st Battalion, Parachute Regiment

    3rd Battalion, Parachute Regiment

    7th Field Force (Reinforces BAOR)

    2nd Battalion, Queen’s Regiment

    1st Battalion, King’s Regiment

    3rd Battalion, Royal Regiment of Fusiliers

    8th Field Force (Home Defence)

    13/18 Royal Hussars (Recce)

    17/21 Queen’s Royal Lancers (Tank)

    1st Battalion, Light Infantry

    2nd Battalion, Royal Irish Rangers

    2nd Battalion, Royal Green Jackets

    3 Commando Brigade

    40 Commando RM

    42 Commando RM

    45 Commando RM

    Allied Mobile Force (Land)

    1st Battalion, Prince of Wales’s Own Regiment

    Unbrigaded Units (Reinforce BAOR formations in wartime)

    Canturbury: 1st Battalion, Queen’s Regiment

    Church Crookham: 1st Battalion, 2nd Gurkha Rifles

    Dover: 3rd Battalion, Queen’s Regiment

    Edinburgh: 1st Battalion, Royal Scots and 1st Battalion, Gordon Highlanders

    Houndslow: 1st Battalion, Royal Green Jackets

    London: 2nd Battalion, Coldstream Guards, 2nd Battalion, Scots Guards, 1st Battalion, Irish Guards and 1st Battalion, Welsh Guards

    Oakington: 3rd Battalion, Royal Green Jackets

    Weeton: 1st Battalion, King’s Own Royal Border Regiment

    ?: Albuhera and Tiger Companies (Cadres of 4th Battalions of the Queen’s and Royal Anglian Regiments)

    Territorial Army Units reinforcing BAOR in event of war (approximate at the moment, based on 1986 roles)

    Royal Yeomanry (Recce for 5th Field Force)

    Queen’s Own Yeomanry (Recce for 7th Field Force)

    1st Battalion, 52nd Lowland Volunteers

    5th Battalion, Queen’s Regiment

    5th/8th Battalion, King’s Regiment (1st Lancastrian Volunteers)

    4th Battalion, King’s Own Royal Border Regiment

    5th Battalion, Royal Regiment of Fusiliers

    1st Battalion, Wessex Regiment (Rifle Volunteers) – UKMF

    5th (Shropshire and Herefordshire) Battalion, Light Infantry

    7th (Durham) Battalion, Light Infantry

    1st Battalion, Yorkshire Volunteers

    1st Battalion, Mercian Volunteers

    5th Battalion, Royal Anglian Regiment

    6th Battalion, Royal Anglian Regiment

    3rd Battalion, Royal Regiment of Wales

    4th Battalion, Royal Irish Rangers (North Irish Militia)

    5th Battalion, Royal Irish Rangers

    3rd Battalion, Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters

    1st Battalion, 51st Highland Volunteers

    2nd Battalion, 51st Highland Volunteers

    4th Battalion, Royal Green Jackets

    4th (Yorkshire) Battalion, Parachute Regiment

    10th (London) Battalion, Parachute Regiment

    15th (Scottish) Battalion, Parachute Regiment

    Territorial Army Units dedicated to home defence (All structured as Home Defence Infantry Battalions, including the Yeomanry)

    Royal Wessex Yeomanry

    Queen’s Own Mercian Yeomanry

    Duke of Lancaster’s Yeomanry

    2nd Battalion, 52nd Lowland Volunteers

    6th/7th Battalion, Queen’s Regiment

    4th Battalion, Queen’s Lancashire Regiment (2nd Lancastrian Volunteers)

    6th Battalion, Royal Regiment of Fusiliers

    2nd Battalion, Wessex Regiment

    6th (Somerset and Cornwall) Battalion, Light Infantry

    2nd Battalion, Yorkshire Volunteers

    3rd Battalion, Yorkshire Volunteers

    2nd Battalion, Mercian Volunteers

    7th Battalion, Royal Anglian Regiment

    3rd Battalion, Royal Welch Fusiliers

    4th Battalion, Royal Regiment of Wales

    3rd Battalion, 51st Highland Volunteers

    There are the following Regional units in the British Orbat

    1st – 11th Battalions, Ulster Defence Regiment

    Gibraltar Regiment

    Royal Hong Kong Regiment

    Bermuda Regiment

    Falklands Islands Defence Force (1 Coy)
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  4. Outstanding!!!!!

    Many thanks guys - that's more than enough for me to be getting on with!

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    All the best

  5. R2q,

    Have a look Here

  6. It just gets better!

    Thanks to all - cheers!

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  7. I remember there was also a 19 Bde, units were based in colly.
  8. Interesting RHF as part of 3 Div were in task Force Foxtrot not Echo, correctly based out of Soest with the late Brigadier I McKay MC as Brigade Commander
  9. Sorry Bigpod some of that may need revising.

    You have 6RRF as Home-Defence when in fact it was NATO tasked throughout the 80's.
  10. Sorry - not claiming it as my work, it was just a quick answer from browsing t'internet
  11. If this is "mid 1980" i.e. just before Exercixe crusader 80 then there are some errors and a big ommission.

    Its 1st British Corps not 1st Army!

    I donlt think 1 D&D were part of 5 Field Farce. They had 129 Dragon Field Battery as their affiliated battery and were a mech battalion that was part of 2 Armoured Division. (I was in 129)

    I think 13/18th were part of 7FF not 8 FF and 5& 6 RA and 5 Queens joined 7 FF on mobilisation.

    I have added the gunner orbat where I can remember.

    Wonk-mog - 19 Inf Bde was only renamed from 7th Field Force in 1982 ish when the Task forces became Brigades.

  12. C Bty RHA also supported TF C. I was in A Troop until 1978 and we supported 4 RTR. We had 6 Troops (5 x FV438 and one x Striker), but I think it all changed after I left.
  13. I'd exercise extreme caution with the above list- it was designed for an Alternate history wargame scenario (where it refers to GDW's Twilight War scenario, a story & game about as if the Cold War had gone on into the '90s and turned Hot), and thus may not be entirely factual...
  14. My bold. I had noticed the total ommission of arty :evil:

    As for 19 Fd RA (as it was then), it consisted of 3 no. Abbott btys of 8 no. guns plus a HQ bty and 111 Drgaon Bty with Blowpipe.

    At first all eight guns in the btys were crewed, but then they were put into Care and Pres' to be manned by the TA, with the remaining six guns were crewed by regs.
  15. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    J Bty 3 RHA usually provided Swingfire cover for 15/19H BG IIRC.

    When the Task Forces reverted to Brigades, TFE became 33 Armd Bde IIRC.

    When 2 Armd Div "disbanded" (31 Dec 82), ISTR 1 Armd Div became three brigades. 7 Armd Wksp provided REME cover for two brigades; 12 Armd Wksp (ex 2 Armd Div) was halved in size and supported the third 1 Armd Div brigade but I cannot for the life of me remember which brigade that was.