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BAOR memories

DaveH said:
1_on_the_back said:

check out the link for those bases we were at
Great site and certainly brings back memories.
Agreed! Get signed up fellas I'm sure Phil the guy that runs the site will appreciate some of your old pics!!! :D
How the fbh have these been allowed to degenerate like this.
Still I suppose nature is doing what we tried over the years to do racing tanks around the place.
once the barracks stop being used,, they start to fall to bits,, then the germans can say they are unsafe and demolish them,,they cant do that if they are in good order, so they let them go,,,easy ways to clear the site in a few years,, it will prob be a new aldi supermarket or obi,,
all the barracks from hitlers day are protected whilst in use..
Not just in Germany, I did a NAAFI tour in the 90's and some of the barracks we stayed in were rough, especially at Brize Norton!! and Tidworth.

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