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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by BAOR_Locations, Feb 14, 2010.

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  1. I appreciate that this is a forum, but I'm looking for help in running the BAOR Locations website. There is already a small team dedicated to preserving our history in Germany, but with the size of the subject and the amount of emails coming through, we've got to expand.

    If you can edit pages no more complex than a Word doc, have served in Germany and fairly literate, then you've got the basic credentials. If you are also fond of a bit of history, then you are exactly what we are after.

    What does it involve? Basically, it is just editing the Website through your own research and knowledge. If you have time, emails from contributors will be forwarded from the main Inbox for you (you'll be issued with an email account) to work the information onto the Website.

    There is no reward (aside personal satisfaction), but you will also be given the free hand to create your own pages should you wish to expand on the BAOR subject.

    Interested? Please email me on:
  2. Just had a quick glance through. Not bad mate!!! :)
  3. Kind words there. Thank you!
  4. Just had a look at the site, very interesting, nothing about 68 sqn RCT in rheindahlen? Is that just because lazy people like me have not contributed or a more sinister reason :twisted:
  5. 21 Signal Regt. RAF Wildenrath
  6. Good site would like to say how much of it I remembered but I was occasionally chemically unbalanced whilst I was out there
    Pommes mit mayo und ein mitout bitte
  7. Had a good response up until now, but still open for any more takers. :)
  8. I have actually enjoyed the forgotten history site and have been waiting for updates. I have some photos of WW2 german armour on what is now range 3 at Hohne which may be of interest, I'll ask my daughter to send me my albums. Also have some old stuff from Clifton Bks Minden when the original occupiers were in.