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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by aghart, Dec 2, 2007.

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  1. BAOR Locations

    This site is just fantastic for Cold War Warriors. The chap running it needs help though. He would like to be able to provide info regarding what units served at what barracks during what period of time.

    This way a complete history of BAOR can be built and maintained. I have helped regarding Osnabruck ( Imphal barracks) Herford ( Harewood Barracks) & Hildesheim ( Tofrek Barracks). There are however huge gaps at present. So If your unit served in BAOR and you can provide dates and locations, then please help.

    As far as Osnabruck is concerned, Imphal & Mercer Barracks are classed as one. I have helped regarding Imphal Barracks but a list of Infantry Battalions based at Mercer Barracks is high on the "important" list.
  2. Ok mate just a few pointers I can see that dont add up.

    You say Roberts Barracks had 4 Armoured field Ambulance, it was 2 Armoured Field Ambulance when I was in Traz 1988, 2 AFA then moved to Mercer Bks around 1992 then moved to Munster where they formed 1 Meg Regt i believe.

    1989 in Belfast Bks the infantry Regiment was PWO Yorkshire Regt.

    Green jackets were in Mercer bks at that time with 12 Armd Workshops, 12 Armd changed to 1 Bn REME in 1993 i believe, 7 Armd Wksp was at Fallingbostel prior to it changing its name to 2 Bn ?

    will have a look later if anything else i think maybe slightly wrong.

    Hope it helps
  3. Green Jackets? I thought the Green Howards were in Osnabruck in 93. The Lowland Band of the Scots Div were based with them.

    204 were based at Quebec, as was 14 Sigs until mid 96, when 38(?) engrs moved in.
  4. Green Jackets were at Mercer bks, the infamous 432 into the CO's office around 1988, Green Howards moved into Belfast Bks after PWO's. I wasnt drunk the whole time of Traz between 88-96 :D

    38 engineers are at Ripon mate, 21 moved there from iselholme when 23 moved out i believe from Quebec, 25 were in Roberts on time square until about 90ish.

    Edited to add Dempsey Bks Sennelager has 12 Regt RA from around 95 ? to date I believe.
  5. 21 came in From Nienburg , 25 went over to NI in late 80´s , 23 closed the door in 93 , 89 I think the Irish were in Belfast , Remember small goby people punching everything in sight in the scatch ( at the train station )
  6. Your right in the 21 coming from Nienburg (I knew they went to Quebec). Also yes it was Paddy Rangers who passed onto 1 PWO around 1989, then passed onto Green Howards who passed on to Duke of Boots who passed onto Lancs in Belfast Bks.
  7. Went to school in Osnabruck (1957-58). Dad was in 1 East Yorks at Quebec Bks. Roberts Bks I think had a Cavalry unit at the time, complete with horses...long time ago, can't recall their name.

  8. 1PWO we were at Belfast 1990-1994
  9. I got to Traz in '86, 1RIR were at Belfast Bks, 23 RE, 212 Sigs were in Quebec, 4 Fd RA, 2 AFA and 25 RE were in Roberts, The Green Howards, along with 12 Armd Wksps, were in Mercer until the end of 86 and replaced by1 RGJ, 4RTR in Imphal, 12 Ord Coy in Scarborough Bks with some Sig unit along with a small det of Crabs as Sig Support for Gutersloh. 12 Ord moved to Quebec in 87 and Scarborough closed down.
    I left Traz in 92, so after that I'm lost.
  10. Just filled in a couple of sites as there is lots of info missing. Feck me memories came rolling back - especially of Christa in Paderborn in the mid '70s :D

    Come on boys and girls - get filling it in.
  11. Band was only there on Roulement, Sept 95 - Apr 96.

    Snowmen on the square? Not guilty! :santa:

    Streaker at the Wives' Club Christmas do? DEFINITELY not guilty!
  12. As it is now 2008, I thought I would bump this back to the top. This is potentially an excellent site if/when fully populated.

    It would be especially helpful if someone could do the entry for Portsmouth Barracks in Münster, the former home of 8 Regt RCT, as that unit is moving back to Münster this year after a gap of 14 years.

    On a similar vein, I am sure that aerial photographs exist of virtually all of these sites from WWII and during the Cold War. If someone from the photo interpretation side could add in photos from the 1940s, 1980s and now it would be very helpful. Does anyone have a link or know where/if these images are available openly on the net?
  13. It would be especially helpful if someone could do the entry for Portsmouth Barracks in Münster, the former home of 8 Regt RCT, as that unit is moving back to Münster this year after a gap of 14 years.

    I was interested by your post on 8 REGT. I was with them when they were at Nelson Barracks - we moved into Portsmouth in 1968. You say they are moving back after an absence of 14 years, but Google Earth shows both Nelson and Portsmouth Barracks as poncy apartment blocks now.
  14. so which units left roberts barracks at the begining of 1978 :?:
  15. 12 Regt left and were replaced by the QDG a couple of years ago.