BAOR insignia, tapes , rank 1980s?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by MP72, May 21, 2013.

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  1. This is possibly better posted in the old & bold section but I'm looking for a slightly scholarly answer rather than "because we didn't" In most, if not all, of the photos of troops the personnel are not wearing rank, name tapes or general insignia of any kind. Was there some sort of directive or G.O. not to do so near the IGB?

  2. Errrr, us in Scots DG had to wear name tags on covvies and combat jackets....

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  3. In the Wedges it all depended on the whims of the Razza. Name tapes sewn on in one Regt, only to be cut off on posting.

    And remember rank used to be worn on the arm, usually in little disreet patches on combats.
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  4. I know TRFs only came back in around 2003-ish because I remember being on a course with a couple of lads from one of the first Signals units to have them and it looked as chad as ****.

    When did Bde/Div patches come back in?
  5. When actually did the tapes come off the arms?? and the change over to those chest flap things you wear now,and why do you wear them even though you have no rank?
  6. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    We definitely weren't wearing nametapes or the likes in late 80s through to late 90s.

    Though they did give us a natty little green plastic name badge with regimental badge to wear with surgical gear, though they didn't have rank on which confused a few folk who "mate"d me until corrected!
  7. Brigade patches came back in '65,probably disappeared again tho',as fashion dictates.Brigade markings on AFV's as well,just 7/2 on vehicles for while,then Jerboa Rat again.
  8. When CS95 came in. People were still wearing working dress and white rank tapes on the arm until at least 2000 (when I got posted to my first CS95 unit, by the time I was posted out everyone was in it).

    I think the Pte (Sig/Cfn/Rfn/Gdsm/Tpr/ATpr/Spr/Gnr/Fus/Rgr etc) rank tab is down to unit. They also look shite and are the mark of bullshit.
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  9. The big resurgence of Bde flashes was down to Op Granby wasn't it? Up til then I'd only ever seen siggies at Bde HQ wear them, suddenly in the desert we were all issued four each, then the NBC bods started to wear something of their own design, next Four Bde came out wearing their Black Rat and seed was sown for the Boy Scouts scenario we have today.....

    I've seen name tags show up again and not just on siggies.....6 Scots are wearing them now as well, I do mean the regiment and not a random six Scots,

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  10. Chiefly due, I believe, because the other boys in theatre had lots of badges, and we felt a need to be in their gang.

  11. Agreed. I also remember playing "Flashes on Flashes off" with Bde Insignia
  12. The introduction of plain OG shoulder slides - either with or without rank - should have sounded the death knell for stitch-on arm badges for the rest of time. They were a good idea as they could be easily migrated to pullies, smocks, KF/KD shirts etc. I think the RAF Regt were the first to use them in the early '80s and they were quickly adopted by other outfits. Name tapes where a whim-specific thing. Oddly enough, I first wore them as a scaley. Quelle surprise!
  13. Dare I say it, but the Booties had 'em for years (very early 80s) on their Artic smocks.
  14. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    is that why they went overboard with the medals as well then?
  15. Early 1908's we were all supposed to wear camo rank insignia, no one, except the RCT did, says it all really.