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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by tiny_lewis, Nov 29, 2011.

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  1. Can't think of where else to post this - MODs feel free to move.

    Does anyone have or know of a definitive list of 'major' exercises and CPX in BAOR 1984-1990? Thinking of "all-arms" type, e.g. Lionheart, Crusader, Reforger, Trutziger Sachsen, etc, not arm/unit specific such as "Engineer Concentration".

    Google just return much - or I'm using the wrong words!

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  2. Ex Cross Swords
  3. I was on Ex Iron Hammer in either '88 or '89

    I also managed a Sheldrake Spear about the same time
  4. I was on Lionheart in 84. Got some great photographs if you want to buy some?
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  5. Cab- yeah, I'm not looking for info on any particular ex, just a list of the major FDX/CPX in the time I was there, so I can remember - or put a name to - the exercises I was involved in.

    I remember being frozen solid for three weeks - forgotten it was Iron Hammer. I did a CPX in March 85 and another in summer 88, no idea what they were called.

    Reforger was 1987, but was the the ex that involved the US V (?) Corp coming over, and CO 3DIV issuing a Div-wide briefing on VHS?
  6. OK,I´m prtty sure that there is a German forum dedicated to our Cold War antics.I´ll see if I can find it again Mate » Großmanöver
    May be of help
  7. Iron hammer was a great exercise, if memory serves it was suspended due to snowfall, one of our POD wagons tipped up in the Weser, we "captured" a load of Belgians as well, and yes it was bloody cold the whole time.
  8. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Try here:

    I don't claim it to be complete, but it gives good coverage of most of the big exercises through the decades.

    Learn German first: it might help.
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  9. Keystone
  10. Oh lol... such is the power of arrse that googling Ex Keystone BAOR brings this thread at the top of the results... :)

    Alien - tvm, having fun with google translate now.

    Ah, Ex Certain Strike was another.. THAT was the bugger in 87 with the 3DIV briefing, I'msure.
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  11. And don't forget you LIONHEART fans. I've donated my excellent 4 copies of LIONHEART News to this years Christmas Charity push.

    Ive kept them in good nick for 27 years, there must be a reason for that, as I'm not generally a hoarder.

    It was a cracking exercise, and although bloody hard work, definately better than Crusader, and the dozens of two weekers that littered my career.
  12. Tiny

    From memory there was a major (national level) Ex every four years - Lionheart, Crusader et al - and a Div level Ex in the intervening years.

    Us loggies always ran Ex Pack Saddle on the back of that years major FTX.

    The only name comming to mind is Eternal Triangle which I beleive was 3 Div but I could be wrong.
  13. IRON HAMMER was 1988. I remember doing a number of Ex SUMMER SALES CPX might have been a winter one too?
  14. Tiny. Bit before your 1984 request. Red Claymore in 1981, not sure if there were other similar named Claymores later though, as in the Reforgers 1&2 etc, and I recall something 'Caravan' in the late 80's.