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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by TheBigUn, Oct 13, 2009.

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  1. Come on then own up. Which one of you BAOR/BFG veterans bought some "trendy" gear from cookhouse fashions? The dodgy traders who used to set up their stall at the back of the cookhouse every so often.

    What did you buy? Geordie jeans? Adidod or Nuke Trainers? A quilt and oversize pillow cover? or just useless overpriced tat that you didn't need?

    No doubt most of you (like me) spent your lunch hour in the bar drinking 1 dm bottles of Grolsh and eating out of date Naafi pies thus avoiding the need to waste beer money on clothes..........

    I'll admit I did once buy a quilt cover but none of the other crap would fit me. :wink:
  2. Yep leather blazers various colours.Still got a pair of square toed chelsea boots brought in Lippstadt '83',can't remember how many times they've been resoled.Think the guys name was Jerry.
  3. Garfield Tshirts... They were big in the 80's
  4. Timberland boots and Armani jeans mid 90's from the fella who used to come round PRB
  5. I once bought a pair of baseball boots from them in the late 80's Acid House days. The lads ripped me to shit so I never wore them again.

    You could pay in installements which never finished even once you had paid for the item.
  6. From Colerne cookhouse, early 1990's, they had a guy trading as you stood in line. To my ever lasting shame i bought "cool" multi-colour jogging bottoms, cheap replica footbal and rugby shirts, and the worst purple fake silk shirt since Peter Stringfellow.
  7. Munster, a Cookhouse, mid to late 70's............ a suit in darkish green with flared trousers !
  8. Yep been there, got the t-shirt (literally)!! Herford early 90's.

    Then I'd go down the German bank on payday and take out all my money before they could get their payment :oops: :D

    They eventually caught up with me though, and i ended up paying a lot more - but I thought I was being clever at the time.

  9. Crappy watch on installments!!!!
  10. Bought a few dodgy 80s tops off the bloke at Birdwood Barracks Bunde back in the day :roll:
  11. Your not Jock 'F' are you?

    He was a small bloke, 5ft ish tall,

    Dark green suit with 70's flares, bright yellow shirt made from nylon with big pointy collars, and a green wide flared tie to match suit.

    Purchased from the cookhouse tailor's !!!

    He looked like a leprechaun.

    Not that i said that to his face, he was a hard little bugger.

    I brought a windcheater type top from the bloke that used to visit JHQ/MG area.

    It was stolen the first nigth when I wore it out in Monchengladbach, Students Bar I think, somebody with a worse dress sense than me.
  12. 1990.

    Slightly flared jeans.

    Red tartan jacket.

    Various psychedelic t-shirts.

    Having seen some photos from the time, i argue that it was the fashion back then. No amount of arguing can get rid of the fact that i looked like a fcuking retard.
  13. Looked is past tense mate... Slack drills.
  14. Bought a white sweat shirt and white jacket at 4 ADSR early 80's. 1 night that was all down Kropps in Herford. 1 bloody night for alot a dosh on the never never if i recall. Idiot :evil:

    PS: Just remembered. I looked a right tw*t in it as well :D
  15. Hobart Barracks Detmold 1977

    Brown 3 piece suit. Big collar, flared trousers with a high waistband.

    I looked the bolloks. :)

    Probably still paying for the fucking thing.


    BROWN ... FFS.