Banter Shaggers 'Need To Grow Up'

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Eric Shawn, Mar 20, 2013.

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  1. I'll stop supporting such games when women stop playing the 'deliberately getting pregnant and stealing the reluctant father's money' game.
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  2. ImageUploadedByARRSE1363793639.569542.jpg

    I'm guessing she's jealous the fat birds are getting all the action.
    If shes so committed to womans rights why doesn't she transfer to their India office and get this whole woman's rights movement going over there?
  3. article-2156614-13846DEA000005DC-386_638x518.jpg

    Banther shaggers? They're brave I must say.
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  4. FrosteeMARIA

    FrosteeMARIA LE Gallery Guru

    Nope, she a lesbian.
    I dated a size sixteen woman, insisting that she was unattractive, and I was wrong to disagree, and I shouldn’t have gone out with her
  5. She's apparently no stranger to shagging fat birds if you read the article.

    The interesting thing is that if you click on the first link ARRSE gets a mention!

    What gets me is this comment: "I've actually had a friend who had been subjected to the 'pull a pig' treatment in the club on a student night by the 'rugby union lads' and sadly enough, her friend/housemate whose boyfriend is one of the rugby lads knew about it. I saw how it made her feel when she originally thought that an innocent slice of fun was in fact a cruel, slimy act done for as part of a £5 bet and a joke between the 'lads'. I think it not only degrading to the individual but also shows what lack of respect you have for not only the woman, but other people you know. Your mother, daughter, friends and even yourselves."

    If she's that worried, has she - for example - tried not sleeping with random strangers?
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  6. phil245

    phil245 LE Book Reviewer

    we had a pull a pig night down the club night, So we all went off to pull the ugliest girl we could. about a hour later, got back to the club, each with a pig in tow. One bloke was offended when someone turned up with his sister.
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  7. 5 quid is 5 quid. ;-) :p
  8. Depends if you had to buy her chips - got to deduct all outgoings before making a final assessment of the profits.
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  9. Well its obvious that Ms McCudden does not need to use contraception but if she did she could put her personality to good use.
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  10. At uni I was very upset to find a girl I had shagged one week (whom I was pretty happy with, and had willingly had another go on in the morning) had been the "winner" in a pull a pig contest the next week. I put it down to those taking part in the competition being fussy pricks, not that I had low standards...
  11. Maybe they shouldn't eat so much and they wouldn't have to deal with it?
  12. When you say 'winner in the pull a pig contest', are you sure you didn't just misunderstand and she won the bet for the week by pulling you?
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  13. Where the fuck are all these pathetic cunts with a desperate need to show the entire world how much of a whiny waste of spunk they are by published utter bollocks in the press coming from?

    Pull a pig is one of the great Sports of Kings (along with pad shagging and wife beating). If you don't like it try not to be a fat, sweaty twenty stone fucking munter in the first place.
  14. She writes about "feminist issues" and therefore is untouchable.