Banter in the Army, and fitting in

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by newbie24, Apr 24, 2011.

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  1. Hello everyone, this is my first post on this forum but have been reading it for a while now.

    I have searched for a thread to answer my question but couldn't find one so will ask here.

    Obviously the army is famous for its banter, and I am looking forward to it. The trouble is that I am a quiet guy and am so slow when it comes to banter I really sound like a retard when trying to make a witty comeback aha.

    So, am I gonna struggle to make friends and gel with my fellow soldiers, or do the quiet guys get respected and form friendships just as well?

    I'm hoping to prove myself with my commitment obviously, but don't wanna come across as an aloof sociopathic wannabe sniper by keeping my mouth shut all the time hahaha.

    What are your experiences?

    thanks a lot,
  2. Repost this in the NAAFI and you'll get a good idea, not sure what of, could be banter or ruthless piss taking.
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  3. Nothing wrong in having your mates assume you're a sociopath. Gives you a certain cachet. Unless you want to be a helicopter pilot.
  4. Is there a difference?

    You're joking right? I think I need to go to one of the army taster courses...
  5. If you want to be a helicopter pilot then the problems involved in having mates are pretty unlikely to arise, though.

    In any case, having a reputation as a sociopath can only help his career prospects, particularly if he wants to transfer to the RMP. Another trade where the issue of 'mates' is unlikely to trouble him.
  6. Of course I'm joking. Being a sociopath was never a hinderance to becoming a helicopter pilot. Just look at some of the posters on the Aviation board.
  7. LOL. I knew this would happen if I posted a question on here, can't get a straight answer. Still very early in my research but maybe you can answer me this next question as briefly as you want: Do different regiments/Arms have different sort of character and banter. I'm guessing the infantry is gonna be the most severe?
  8. Then you'd be wrong. Inf banter is more low-level piss-taking, based on your accent, number of fingers, etc, whereas proper heavyweight banter, the sort of stuff that is soooo subtle, yet to the cogniscentii so funny it makes your eyes water belongs to aviators.
  9. Worried about banter and piss taking?

    Probably consider another job.

    Don't worry about being slow on the uptake. Describes most junior toms I know.

  10. Sounds good, I suppose there'll be scope for that in the RAC, where I'm possibly heading. Have you come across many lonely loners in your time in the army? really gay question I know. I'm hoping to pick up more of a brash edge in basic.
  11. not worried about it I can take savage bullying if I have to (hope not tho obviously), i suppose its a learning curve like anything else.
  12. You'll learn to stand your ground and look after yourself. If you a quieter or weaker then your mates will look after you. (Unless you are really crap and then you'll probably just kill yourself.) :)

    Just turn up with eyes open and enjoy it - the banter and piss taking is great and there's normally someone else worse than you that you can take the piss out of.

    Good luck mate.
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  13. Learn how to say "**** off" or "I've fucked you Mam" until you pick up other phrases and mannerisms. Most "Comedians" I've come accross just seem to copy what they've heard off others.
  14. R.A.C. eh?. Just drop a wet eggy fart in the Tank.You'll be popular as ****.
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  15. After a few weeks they begin to like those special gases that can only accumulate in a confined space, ******* pervo's!