Banner men not charged?

Did anyone expect anything different? An interesting contrast between its hounding of British soldiers with politically driven prosecutions and its politically correct driven non prosecutions of terrorists.
from the video:
UK you will pay! 7/7's on it's way!
They have an unusual definition of integration into British society - bet they're all lining up to collect their benefits though! :x
on the second page of the blog:
Letters between the home office and a high-profile muslim group reveal that the government has given at least £150,000 to it. The muslim council of Britain (MCB), led at the time by Sir Iqbal Sacranie, received the grant after asking the government for £500,000, according to correspondence disclosed under the freedom of information act (FOIA).
- more taxpayers money!
see also:
LONDON’S suicide bombings were not the acts of terrorists but just an extreme Muslim demonstration, a Chester professor has claimed.

The attacks that killed 52 people and threw the country into shock last July were part of a long history of demonstrations sparked by British Muslims, according to Professor Ron Geaves. ...

“The word terrorism is a political word which always seems to be used to demonise people.”
wtf - what sort of arrse-hole is this so called academic?:-(
Heavens to betsy... the word terrorist demonises terrorists...? I must apologies for my use of the word over my numerous posts! I didn't realise these little darlings were so sensitive. If only I'd known I'd have been far more understanding and tolerant towards these poor misunderstood souls. How remiss of me!! I will mend my ways and convert to Islam... such a peaceful religion....

On the off chance any highly educated academics such as Prof Terry F*ckwit Greaves are reading's called sarcasm.
I watched the video and couldnt help chuckling. "Annihilation" is a pretty big word. So were gonna be annihilated by a bunch of idiots who can't even make a placard stay up-right? - I also quite enjoed the burning of the EU flag, save the pound and all that ;). These people have far too much faith in themselves "invade Denmark and take your wives as war booty" if they actually stood up for once and fought as real men they wouldn't last a second.

On a serious note I was quite annoyed however by the lack of arrests/prosecutions. Some of the things they were chanting were terrible, how could they be anything other than incitement to murder? If anyone has a spare few minutes I suppose you could write to the police and ask how many people were detained/arrested/charged that day. Freedom of information act etc. It would be interesting to see the response and just as interesting if they refused to release the figures.

Lets not forget the heavy handed handling by the met of the Fox hunting protestors who were looking out for their livelihoods.
i dont think anyone ever thought for a second they would be charged, i supose thats why they did it.

after the 7/7 bombing for the brief period after when we actually were charging these people how many of them backpeddled about there extremist ideals in an attemp to not go to prison or be deported (omar bakri,and the dude who dressed up like a suicide bomber)

but the police have reverted back to being spineless and the mass ignorant british public made up of chavs and lefty apologists have once again forgot another terrorist outrage and gone back to sleep safe in the knowledge theres not much chance of the next bombing affecting thier lives cos its always some other poor bugger who gets blown to bits.

whats a shite state this country's in, absolute madness

oh well i'm off to tolerate, tolerate and then tolerate some more otherwise someone might think im racist, and the police do take action if your a white non-muslim.
mark1234 said:
oh well i'm off to tolerate, tolerate and then tolerate some more otherwise someone might think im racist, and the police do take action if your a white non-muslim.
And that's the point isn't it? Equality is supposed to mean that we are all treated equal. That is obviously not the case in todays society. The majority have to tip-toe around the feelings of the minority even though the word democracy implies the opposite.

If I don't like what Tony and his bunch of wasters does, tough, that's democracy. If I don't like what a bunch of muslem protesters say, I'm a racist, bust. Not even the chance to forward an argument. It can only lead to bad feeling.
Well at least they beat Sligo.

Banner men take inaugural Murphy Cup

Link here
Police were no longer satisfied that it was Mr Zaheer who held a banner during the rally. Some of the many banners said: “UK you must pray. 7/7 on its way. UK you must pay. Bin Laden is on his way.”

What are they saying that all Muslims look alike.... How racist is that?

The charges have been dropped for political not legal reasons and therefore when the current political climate changes to a more sensible one.... he will have his day in front of a court followed quickly by his day in front of a firing squad.
rockape34 said:
getting back to thread: Timesonline "Charges dropped over cartoon hate banner". one of these respectable Islamic ppl was Omar Zaheer, a drug dealer.

edited to add: see also for a photo of this nice chap.
Getting back OFF thread, I hear it was a good game, if you like that sort of thing.

Agreeing with Warrior Poet (for once), you can be indignant until your t1ts lactate but did you really expect anything different?

Their time WILL come and hopefully sooner rather than later.
Fair one. I mean, what did you expect - Justice? Don't be so fcuking stupid.

We have a Champion's League military but everything else - plods, spooks, politicians, judges etc - is strictly Division One.
Who saw this outcome before it happened?

Oooh ooh me Sir, I did Sir!
NordishPortal just been reading your Blog - damned fine keep it up, I'll be spreading the word.

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