banned xbox add

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by davek, Jan 15, 2006.

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  1. Best ad I have seen in ages! Bump!
  2. Probably because someone will think its promotes gun violence or some throwaway reason like that :roll:
    That said, I don't understand what's so fantastic with it - just wasted a minute of my life watching it.
  3. By eck, that brings back memories of the playground...

    and admittedly running around the barrack block of an evening... erm... "practicing drills" we'll call it... whilst shouting "dakka dakka dakka, GRENADE, dakka dakka dakka"
  4. Apparently Mcnab is bringing out a computer game for said computer.
  5. Why did they ban that its amazing!
  6. :D :D It's the nanny state....remember we are not able to make decisions for ourselves :?
    I wish I was big enough to think for myself :cry: :cry:
  7. Good

    But would of been better if it wasn't a blatent Spaced rip-off
  8. very shrewd of microsoft really.... from what ive seen over the last couple of years these "banned adverts" are at least as widely seen as the permited t.v ones....
  9. And MS don't have to pay for the advertising because people fall over themselves to post the links on websites...
  10. Awsome does any body remember the TV series SPACED there was a scene very mych like that were the main characters escaped from a bunch of chavs after having a similar "fire fight".