Banned teenager bit policemen

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by spank_the_monkey, May 4, 2004.

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  2. The little f***er should be horse whipped to within an inch of his life :evil:
  3. I hope the Rozzer's rabies jabs are up to date.

    Agree entirely 5 mile. Birch the little fecker! :evil:
  4. FBW

    FBW Old-Salt

    yeh but the treehuggers will let him off because they will say he was hungry and couldn,t find a kebab shop open :lol:
  5. 5 mile sniper said:

    Yes, an inch on the wrong side, not the right side of life! :twisted:

    You can tell the youth (or rather shaved ape) has a small brain pan and a contorted criminal physiognomy!
  6. Do you mean his over large tongue?
  7. It would be very satisfying to grasp the top of his head and jawbone and push his teeth quickly together!
  8. the police should have gasssed him to the ground and administered a
    sound beating stupid
    thugs like that know all about their rights none about their reponsbilities
  9. Shallow end of the gene pool...mind you it's scumsters like that who seem to make up the US Military Police...
  10. To quote the Daleks:

    Exterminate, exterminate...
  11. [​IMG]

    Looks like a toby jug.

    There are hundreds of the scumbags like him where I live. And they are so blatant in they're disregard to the law and the ASBO’s. It’s been proven that a large percentage break the terms of the ASBO. And the way they conduct themselves in front of people. To me, it's like they are attention seeking. "Look at me, I'm loud and I'm swearing". Twenty plus years ago, the Manchester coppers would indeed give you a slapping if they caught you up to something illegal. Nowadays the little fcukers know they can get away with it because sentencing is designed to be tolerant towards them at this age. Hit the fcukers hard now with prison sentences, not with a bit of paper saying don’t go here, don’t go there. This tosser above is just gonna be a drain on the welfare and judical system for the rest of his life. What a waste.
  12. I Heard he was last seen in the Weston Recruiting office :twisted:
  13. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Dead on Gunny. And who pays for that lot!! Still at least it provides the RLC with recruiting material.
  14. Look no farther than aspartame (you all use this poison on your side of the pond?) and SSRIs as the later is laddled out to so many like the former is in candy.

    In the mean time take the brat to Iraq, or better yet have the US MPs come to him, and we can all picture the rest. :twisted: