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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by tiny_lewis, Apr 6, 2012.

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  1. Any takers....

    Banned Pool Apr 2012

    I call dibs on

  2. What?
  3. I'm not getting banned. I'm well liked.

    People even create whole new ARRSE Identities just to talk to me.
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  4. Like the dead-pool, only who'll get banned and possibly when. I think he maybe means 'dibs' on zero-over.

    Always happy to help.
  5. Z0 is right, I joined ARRSE in 2005, simply to talk to Z0.
    A nicer, more sweet natured fella you will never meet!
  6. Good/Bad CO, sort of about mid may, or tendency to the first 3 days of June, about 1157hrs
  7. jarrod248 - he had ROPs once, I think he'll default sometime :pounce:
  8. Stacker has got to be a good bet given the Shiite he's posted criticising just about every body who's not straight, white, male and thin. Add to that his not very well disguised membership of the EDL (apparently a totally different right wing , anti immigration, racist organisation from the right wing, anti immigration, racist organisation that is the bnp) then he is the very model of a gobshite who doesn't know what's acceptable.

    Im going to miss him, how else am I going to find out what stupid people are thinking.
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  9. Just look through any posts in reference to Muslims, Islam or ethnics, Anyone who is outspoken may be up for a ban if they don't curb their ways. Any other topic is fair game.
  10. Are you trying to say that the site has been taken over by muzzies and ethnics. I wouldn`t be at all surprised if that were true. The whole thing now has the appearance of having been constructed by Sub-Continentals.
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  11. Camberwell Carrot's latest iteration. Barking mad.
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  12. I assume the crackdowns on sexism, homophobia, general bigotry, not liking pikeys and anything else that might put off advertisers aren't far away.
  13. I'm assuming the same thing. Like I've said before, this place will be like the internet version of the Marie Celeste in no time.
  14. I doubt if those who complain are either Muslim or from Ethnic minorities. They will be white middle class Guardianistas who are outraged-by-proxy at everything.
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  15. I've narrowly dodged the ban-bullet once or twice already. My luck's gonna run out one of these days.