Banned Political Organisations?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Meum_Cerebrum_Nocet, Oct 8, 2008.

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  1. Does anyone know whether there is a list of proscribed organisations that members of the Armed Forces CANNOT be members of, and if so, where it it can be found? Proscribed terrorist organisations are listed in loads of places but nothing about the BNP, Combat 18, Communist Party etc....

    Any help appreciated, thanks.
  2. New Labour??
  3. CND used to be on the 'banned' list. They were pretty well infiltrated by the KGB (now CIS presumably).
  4. Al-Qaeda
  5. Why do you want to know?
  6. The discussion came up the other day after a local newpaper piece about a prison officer that was sacked for being an active BNP member - a few lads wondered what the rules are/were...
  7. You'll probably find the answer in any one of the following documents-
    Manual of Military Law
    Army Act 1955 plus relevant amendments
    Defence Council Instructions (or whatever superceded them, if the title has changed)
    MOD Manual 10 (for MOD civil servants).
    All these volumes should be available to view at your unit Admin Office, & all should be up to date with amendments. Take a large mug of tea because you'll be in for a long read!
  8. I know it's a bit of a random tangent however...

    If we (and I mean that in the Tri-Service context) are not allowed to attend Political Demonstrations in uniform, why are people allowed to attend Gay Pride parades in rig AND claim duty travel for it?

    Can anyone give me a sensible explanation as we discussed it in work today and NO-ONE could come up with a plausible explanation.
  9. Pre 96 it used to be that a service person couldn't be a member of any political party, although officially there was nothing wrong with attending meetings. You would still have to be discreet though.

    Any extremist views/affiliations would be an absolute no no.
  10. Depends on the fashion of the day, and the Party in Government. Most of the louder groups on the other side will be banned for the duration.
  11. So tell me,is "The White Aryan Brotherhood for the Purification of Albion" an OK organisation or not?
  12. It doesn't seem to promote the essential elements of New Labour Project doctrine, so almost certainly not.
  13. Simple: it is politically correct to flaunt your minorities (incl. sexual) affiliation...
  14. I would have thought it's because sexual orientation isn't a political matter, it's simply one of those personal freedoms that are written in law, like religion, colour and so on.
  15. But it is very much a political matter. All cultural issues are. The present party in Government has placed certain specific sexual orientations at the apex of their list of targets to be awarded political status, together with "race", of course. Lower down, but still of great importance to them, are Foreign Aid, Human Rights and Health and Safety. Other, more traditional socialist concerns, such as the variety of trades union issues, have had very little public airing in the past decade.

    And, naturally, come the change in colour of Governing party and the growing burden of pointless legislation, so will change the emphasis on what is or isn't 'political'. I can't wait for the Pro-Chicken-Shagging Party.