Banned medications?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Mr_Ag., Feb 13, 2007.

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  1. Im on a perscripted medication and am looking to join the TA (got an meeting thursday night with them :D) and cant find a list of medication they dont allow you to take when in the TA. Is there any?

    The medication im on was given to me during an illness a while back, that illness has no gone and i dont need it. But im addicted to it and am currently slowly coming off it (as per everyone else on it), so im taking it at the moment but dont have a medical condition to go with it.
  2. This is an issue that you should discuss with the doctor when you go for the medical.

    I wouldn't raise this or any other medical issue with anyone else but the doctor who does your medical:

    a. Its a medical in confidence matter (i.e. confidential between you and the doctor). Mention it to anyone else and everyone will be talking about it.

    b. Only a doctor is qualified to make a judgement on how this will affect your medical fitness.
  3. Cheers mate, ill only mention it to a doctor :) When in the TA do i see a TA doctor or carry on with my GP as normal?
  4. You will see a Army Doctor as part of your initial joining, the medical. But for all other stuff your gp will give you and medication you need. Unles of course you are on exercise then it would be and army doc or a trip into the local hospital.
  5. H3

    H3 LE

    Are they anti-depressants as that'll hinder things a bit ....... use of a bang stick frightens me when folk are on them.

    I'm sure your fine :slow:
  6. seems to work for Robbie Williams.

    go for it.
  7. No mate, they are the opposite i used to get a bit giddy so was put on a sedative (Valium) to calm me down a bit :D

    My meeting with the TA didnt go down well at all :( they wasnt expecting me or had a clue who i was. There wasnt even anyone from the TA there!! I spoke to two guys in the regulars who sorted things out for me.

    The TA even called me that morning to confirm i could make it, i turned up and they didnt have a clue who i was :thumbdown: The army guys looked on their computer and couldnt understand whyi was there but where very helpful. They fired off a fax to my local unit explaining who i was and what had happened and told me if i hadnt heard from them by today to call them back and he will chase it up for me. As you can imagine they havent got in touch - not even to ask why i didnt turn up to the none exhistant meeting :(

    Ill be calling the army tomorrow so they can chase it up for me. I did expect the TA to be a little more organised if im honest, i feel like ive been pissing in the wind so far, its been a cock up from day one.
  8. You're joining the wrong organisation then mate :)
  9. Where did you go? Was it the local ACIO?
  10. the medication that you are on wont stop you joining the TA or the Regs for that matter

    Its the condition that is being treated that will bring it all to a halt
  11. It was our local Army careers office, i was told the TA are there every thursday night and the first saturday of every month. The careers office gave me a blank look when i mentioned it!!
  12. Whereabouts do you live?
  13. Manchester - It's Peter Street Army careers office i went too :)
  14. The only thing I can find is

    Hyperactivity (Attention deficit disorder)

    0389. Candidates with hyperactivity not complicated by violence or other criminality and which has been
    absent for more than two years without treatment may be graded S2, but otherwise, S8.
  15. Your best bet would be to go straingth to the TA Center of the unit you are going to join.
    You can find your nearest unit here.

    Cut out the middle man and get stuck in.

    You will keep your GP, but the Army medical service have a duty of care to look after you while going through the proccess and when in green. Have a chat with the doc you will see while doing your medical.

    Don't try and hide this sort of thing as it will bite you on the arsse sooner or later.