Banned in Benin...

Was doing a little research on Africa and googled " Benin ".. although the CIA site and others list basic info on the Military and such, they don't seem to indicate whether Benin ever rebuilt its Air Force after losing its entire fighter capability in 1987 to a golf ball.

Seems, although Benin hasn't any golf courses, one avid sportsman decided to swat a few out on an empty field adjacent to the Air Base.. one errant ball went onto the runway and landed in the open cockpit of a fighter scaring the sh*t out of the pilot who lost control of his plane which then ploughed through three other fighter jets on the tarmac [ think they were all Mig somethings ] result.. the entire Benin Airforce obliterated in one go...

Government records don't seem to indicate the banning of Golf in Benin, either.. very understanding of them...
Good one.

Heard the one about a Swedish National serviceman guarding a squadron of Saab Viggens in a Hangar one night who was very bored, so decided to swing from the pitot probe (long pointy aerial looking thing-measures airspeed)on the nose of said aircraft, and bent it. Hoping no-one would notice he went and bent all the others to the same angle. They noticed!
I heard it was a Spanish guard who did a whole line of RAF Harriers. I suspect it made hovering a bit tricky!
Not sure if this is true, but the golfer was apparently jailed for 'hooliganism' and ordered to pay for a new air force.

The poor s*d earned $275 a year, and they worked out that it would take something like 145,000 years for him to pay the fine. The government decided that they'd perhaps been a little harsh, and the golfer ended up paying $75 dollars instead. I have no idea if he ever picked up a golf club again....
Archimedes said:
... but the golfer was apparently jailed for 'hooliganism' and ordered to pay for a new air force.
That's got to be the wierdest and funniest thing I've read yet. Excellent! :lol:
It's got to be the only place in the world where 'playing golf' makes you a 'Hoolian'. All a bit sureal if you ask me.
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