Banned from posting on Guardian website

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Contrarian, Jan 1, 2009.

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  1. A few months ago I may have become a little abusive towards fellow posters and the moderators on the Guardian's Comment is Free section. I may have called the mods traitorous Nazi halfwit scum, whose jobs will be the first to go when newspapers will, inevitably, have to downsize. I also might have threatened to come looking for for them with a mob when the glorious revolution begins.

    Now, I can log into the Guardian site, but I am unable to post. In fact, as soon as I log in, I'm logged out again immediately. I've tried to register a new account with a different email address, but to no avail. It seems, alas, that I'm a marked man in GrauniadLand.

    My question is, as my IP address is not fixed, how are the Nazis at the Guardian managing to block my attempts to register/log in? Would it be anything to do with my pc's MAC address, or could it be another issue (cookies deleted regularly).

  2. Try on a Windows PC then
  3. Cheers. Efforts will be made to change said MAC so that I can rejoin the fun at Traitors Towers.
  4. Wah!
  5. Nothing to do with Mac Address. A mac address is layer 2 of the OSI Model and can't be routed at layer 3. Although you may not have a fixed IP Address you will have one within a range allocated by you ISP using DHCP. Try renewing you IP address using the command ipconfig /release then ipconfig /renew If your using a router and NAT you will need to change the outside IP on the router.
  6. Wah?? You sure? I've just ordered a new pc and had a rag and bone man take the Mac away. Please tell me it isn't so.
  7. Sorry, that wasn't even a very good one. Well, it is a Sunday night after all!
  8. In english please :?
  9. Cheers. Will give that a go.
  10. Sorry S try this ........ OSI Model

  11. Cheers, thats cleared it up no end. 8O ive a headache now.
  12. The source mac address changes every time your data travels through a router.

    If you are using a router reset it.