Banned from chat?

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Zarathustra, Aug 2, 2011.

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  1. I've just tried to log into chat and received a message saying I've been banned. While I'm not that bothered too much, who is responsible for mod'ing the chat so I can get an explanation as why I've been banned?
  2. Dunno never been in chat
  3. Nobody likes you. they're all in there now, bad mouthing you. And laughing.
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  4. Have you done something a little odd, such as expressing an un PC opinion?
  5. I know, the bastards, they'll get theirs mark my words.....

    Not that I'm aware of, I was in there last night and I didn't get kicked/banned or do anything to piss anyone off (that I'm aware of) and there were no mods in there while I was yesterday anyway.

    I'd just like an explanation
  6. You've never been in chat because you're a wuss.
  7. No-one in there knows why you have been banned, but then none of them seem to give a **** either way, which is a bit sad really.
  8. Mabe its the internet telling you to go down the pub and make friends......?
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  9. I know, how dare those internet weirdos not care about me
  10. I live in the south, the pubs are full of southern shandy drinkers
  11. I didn't even know chat was moderated...

    Last time I was in their I got chatted up.
  12. Also, where have my hard earned internet medals gone?
  13. That johnssingle eh - he's always at it.
  14. I'm in their now, do you want me to pass anything on crow_bag?

    I don't mind calling someone a cnut on your behalf :D
  15. Having Slugster putting her tongue down your throat isnt classed as getting chatted up, more like harrassment.