Banned from B and Q

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bravo_Bravo, Feb 23, 2006.

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  1. In there last night, some chav in an orange jumpsuit said that he thought I could do with decking.

    Luckily, I tw@tted him before he could land one on me.

    And thats my fault?
  2. Chav or walt?
  3. Unwitting star of a "Tango" ad??
  4. I hear decking is all the rage these days but personally I still prefer a well laid patio.
  5. Nice one!
    Was it the Salisbury branch? I have to take a faulty towel rail back in there tonight and I could ask how his recovery is progressing.
  6. Off at a tangent but perhaps B+Q could hold a special MLaar day....give half a dozen mongs an orange jumpsuit (although judging by my last visit they already have done) and let them have free run at the power tools section. "DeathMlaarch 2006"
  7. Orange jumpsuit..mmm...nice. Did it have a ice badge that said "1 Qaeda Rifles, Op Jihad, Guantanamo 2005" written on it? Or was it an Iraq special with blood all down the front?
  8. When you punched him did he drop his ice-cream and cause him to let go of his red balloon?
  9. When he mentioned decking, i rather think he was talkin about the wooden variety, rather than inviting you to punch him. Lol
  10. No sh1t sherlock! :roll:
  11. Or did he invite you to go clubbing? :lol:
  12. The cheeky b'astard! I hope you nailed his arrse, the tool! I realise you're no DIY hero wadding in to redecorate the spanners face and all, but he really deserved the pasting! IMHO....

    Beebs :)
  13. Good job you weren't in the outdoor section where you might have been accused of fencing something!
  14. It wasn't that lunatic that escaped from the asylum after raping the laundress and stealing her car keys, was it. I remember the headline - "Nut screws washer and bolts."
  15. if you are lucky the case will get whitewashed!