Banned Dutch Video.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by RNMAMULL, Mar 27, 2008.

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  1. This hit the Net at 1900 hrs its since had over 2 million hits.I managed to watch it all from beginning to was a very disturbing and thought provoking film.No doubt it will fan the flames of Islamic Fundamentalism,which ony goes to reinforce the message in the film.There is a wiki page devoted to the vid at

    here is the link to the film.
  2. Removed or incorrect links?
  3. Very thought provoking.
  4. Yup, that works.

    Didn't realise my muslim mates were looking for world domination, don't think they knew they were either.
  5. Says it all and well. We (britain) are sleepwalking into a fcuking nightmare.
  6. Bit extreme really, Many Moslims are in fear of the Immans as much as the Loony right.
    The reallity is that Poverty causes extremism This is very evident in Saudi where the Oil wealth is concentrated in a minority of people and the rest are controlled by religion.
    If your life is 5hit the the promise of a great after life is all it takes..
    I have no doubt that in europe, especially the UK the coming years will see religious violence in british streets and the British Government have no idea how to avoid it, or perhaps they dont want to..
    Perhaps Moslem women can take a lead and assert themselves or maybe the cost will be too great.
    One thing is certain, any action by Islamic extremists needs money to finance it, We need to stop Oil and Drug money getting to them by finding an alternative form of energy and winning the Drugs War which at present we have totally lost
  7. Thought provoking, but surely just stoking the fires of sensationalism. A number of valid points, but tremendously biased. Interesting viewing, and it does have its place within this most important of debates.
  8. Islamists and Muslims are different...

    All islamists are Muslim...not all Muslims are islamists.
  9. So where's our (non-muslims) human rights when we need them? Is the government going to let the extremists take us into a revolution?
  10. the british and english hating labour government has destroyed the england we used to know and love ,the traitors brown and blair are presiding over a mass betrayal of british people and the handing over of this christian country to islam within the next 30 or 40 years.Labour has given away millions of british jobs and houses away to foreigners and bogus asylum seekers ,with out question,in exchange for votes it will never get .Yet denys our old people, many who fought in wars for this country, dignity in their old age and expensive treatment on the NHS.The lie put about by the liberal left to justify their failings and incompetence and betrayal of the british people through uncontrolled mass immigration is "British people dont want to do these jobs because there low paid ,their all scrounging on incapacity benefits" When the real truth is Labour ,to hide the huge rise in unemployment figures has forced people onto incapicity benefits because they are not added to the unemployment figures!British people now cannot get jobs now even if they wanted to ,jobs which british people always wanted to do and always did ,before immigrants came to this country.Labour has betryayed the british people destroying british and english culture and selling it out to islam without the consent of the indigenous population.VOTE BNP,for the truth visit or google nick griffin on youtube
  11. Is it me or has our gimp added something to His cut and paste - I haven't read it but the volume seems to have grown by a line or two.
  12. Go away silly man.

  13. Wot!!

    Me or the gimp
  14. Ignore gungadin. He was posting the same shite a few days ago as thefentiger47.