Banned AT?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by ilikechips, Jun 13, 2010.

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  1. Are there any AT activites that are specifically prohibited from being organised (in an official capacity) for serving members of the forces?

    If so, where might I find a list?
  2. At the minute it seems like all AT is prohibited.
    We're trying to save money don't you know!
    I can't get T&S money to move troops for mil training at the minute never mind adventure training.

    When you are counting beans, the first thing to go is anything that could be construed as fun.
  3. JSAT Scheme

    Sect 1 Para 9


    9. In addition to the specific outdoor activities formally sponsored by the JSAT Scheme, a variety of activities may qualify as Adventurous Training because they promote the development of the qualities mentioned at Paragraph 6. The advice of Single-Service AT Desk officers which may include the relevant Service AT Committee; is to be sought, where
    doubt exists over the authenticity of any activity.

    Para 6


    6. The overarching definition of JSAT agreed and promulgated by AFATC is a: “Challenging outdoor training for Service personnel in specified adventurous activities, involving controlled exposure to risk, to develop leadership, teamwork, physical fitness, moral and physical courage, among other personal attributes and skills vital to operational capability”.
  4. Bullfighting ?
  5. Brothel-hopping.
  6. So a bit of bungee jumping wouldnt go a miss? I mean proper bungee jumping, not jumping off an as90/chally 2 with a bungee hooped through your nose either!
  7. base jumpings probably banned
  8. Oh thats a shame, theres a few 49 Para candidates I reckon would enjoy base jumping, without the parachute, well Id enjoy it.
  9. Bare-backing Kenyan whores in Nanyuki is apparently frowned on now too. Spoilsports. How are Gurkhas supposed to empty their pods now?
  10. Totally off topic but you just reminded me, I was waiting to book in to Nanyuki one night and a Jock guard in front of me told his mate "I fucked one of the whores but I didnt want to catch AIDS so I did her up the Arse!"

    Genius! (But probably dead now)

    Just thought I would share that gem with you FiveAlpha :D
  11. Anyway, back to the thread.

    I think Mini-Moke guided tours of Cyprus are still off.
  12. Mate, I could swap dits for hours about Nanyuki's finest, including the biggest bukkake party ever and watching Big Grace having a slash whilst I casually supped tepid Tusker and discussed the merits of owning cattle.