Banned Again?

Rumour has it that "squeekycheese" (Dale) has been banned again?
Cartainly all squeekycheeses posts are gone. Was a bit like this when Flashy got banned. It's all rather vindictive in my opinion.
I can verify that not all of squeakycheese's post have been removed, so what is going on, has she upset the grown-ups again???
JuniorSlug said:
Where is she?
Ask her, she's sharing your IP.

I wasn't around when Squeekycheese was sh1tcanned last night / this morning.

The reasons for Dales account being deleted have already been explained elsewhere. We also asked when responding to questions about her medals that she drop the martying quest and crack on as a valued user, who can probably offer the site much as an experienced AGC SNCO.

Within two days, we are fronted with threads like:

This one (clicky)

As the NAAFI mods we are the ones who get the complaints in our inbox about her, and they far out number the ones requesting her return here.

If she rejoins and emails the COs asking for her medals, once more to be reinstated and joins in as another ordinary member then I'm sure she will be more than welcome.

For those who deem me a bully etc, fair shout, point noted and will be a nicer more amiable chap in future.


Book Reviewer
Right, I will put my hand up and confess involvement. in the banning. I have not previously been involved in a concerted effort to shut an account but here is my opinion for public consumption.

"Dale" was a member since before I joined.

There have been instances over the years where the MODS have had to clear up all kinds of trouble, some of which seemed to trace back to that account.

Whilst the "Dale" account has been associated with charitable fund raising it has also been linked to other activities which I and I dare say some of the other mods do not find acceptable; this in particular relates to postings aimed at female members. I will temper this with the point that a posting that one person sees as amusing can be seen as bullying by the target of the posting.

I do not know the originator of the "Dale" account, I assume that the account was used by one person but I cannot prove this. It was made clear by the powers above my head that the member associated with this account could continue to use the account but we require that user to divorce themselves from the "Dale" account and start with a clean sheet. This did not seem to happen.

The user is not banned in my opinion, the accounts are.

Should this user or any other banned user log in with a new account and behave in a manner that does not flag up to the mods that it is the same person up to the same tricks with the same agenda then the membership are all happy and the MODS get to spend more time with their families.[/quote]
The 'I Love Frank' thread. She was on the phone to me at the time, not making much sense and did know she'd probably get banned...again...

What a toilet...


RitchieRitch69 said:
The 'I Love Frank' thread. She was on the phone to me at the time, not making much sense and did know she'd probably get banned...again...

What a toilet...
Why were you on the phone to it?

were you ordering a gallon of mixed male semen to be delivered?

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