Banksy in Bristol Museum for 3 week free show.


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As the thread title says, he's got a 3 week exhibition in Bristol Museum which is free to visitors.

From the pictures in the Tellingraph article, it's well worth a look if you are down that way.

Tellingraph Article

The people in Bristol have always been very good to me - I decided the best way to show my appreciation was by putting a bunch of old toilets and some live chicken nuggets in their museum

As Stephen Fry commented, "I don't know much about shit, but I know what I like".That's class.
Actually 6 weeks isn't it, from today till the 31st of July, cues have been forming since 8am this morning according to the local radio, I'm going to go midweek when hopefully it will be a bit quieter due to people being at work/school.

Hamilcar meets Banksy:
Bought the book on some of banksy's more prominent art and the stuff on the Israeli wall is pretty ballsy.

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