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Banksy directed an intro to an episode of the Simpsons.

Just a fucking vandal, if someone else went around stenciling any wall he liked with spray paint then he would get arrested, whats the fascination with this guy? Ive seen much better graffiti on the bloody underground.


@ Tremaine:
Mail on line. "...Graffiti artist caught on camera" ROFL ..Los Angeles: a guy with a baseball cap was spotted taking a picture of a Banksy work. That's it then, conclusive evidence. We can all go home now.
His documentary didn't win the oscar though. Wonder if he did turn up especially as he was busy advertising his work in LA.


Book Reviewer

Thank God the Mail on Sunday never 'discovered' that Michelangelo was a fruit with a thing for small boys or that Picasso cut his fucking ear off. Banksy was born in Bristol and went to a decent school? Gosh. That must make him a complete wanker? Unlike the Mail on fucking Sunday. How's the football coverage? Any 2-4-1 vouchers for Asda are here?

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