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  1. Hi there,

    Before I head to Catterick I was told to have a Bank account set up and ready,
    I was onto a few banks in the UK but they told me I need a UK address to open a
    bank account, and they cant open an account as I am living in Ireland.

    Any Banks in mind that you could let me know of ?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. That's a tough one because I think that the sort codes for ROI are a different format for the ones in the UK and you will prob need a bank account with the UK's 6 digit sort codes to be able to get paid. I bet your ACIO will know the score though, you can't have been the only one in Ireland to have that prob.
  3. Paulo

    Pop into Ulster Bank in Cork - they have branches in NI and the republic so they should be able to help you with a UK account. You needn't tell them you're joining up if you don't want to, just that you've got a job in the UK and need a UK account to get paid into.
  4. Tankie2ndrtr

    Tankie2ndrtr Old-Salt Reviewer

    I rocked up with no UK bank account due to living abroad and the Army open one for you (was with Abbey national in 2003) Not sure the score now :)
  5. Thanks for replies guys appreciate as I was really lost on where to go.
  6. Try HSBC ,in UK as far as I know is the only bank which will open a bank account without a UK address,however they will charge you 8pounds for a year,and then you can tell them your new address, so the can upgrade your account for a normal free account ( debit card),and you only need your passport!good luck
  7. I am thinking if is possible ,to open an bank account in Ireland as you are given an account number and a short code and then just to tell them you moved in UK ,how will that work?Is better to ask them!there is also Barclays Bank Ireland PLC ,Ulster Bank is owned by NatWest (which in turn is owned by Royal Bank of Scotland)!Ask them mate.
  8. I will HSBC like I am only looking for a temporay account for 6 months then I will search for a good bank so anything will do at this stage
    Yeah I tried Barclays and a few more and they said I need to live in UK but thanks for letting me know ill look them up staright away !!
  9. Barclays is shite anyway best not get paid than try and open an account with them
  10. you might be right,was just wondering,however I know for sure HSBC will accept that!
  11. yeah forgot to say, you need a minimum of £5'000 to open an account with them
  12. them being who?
  13. Barclays mate
  14. You can pay it into my account if you like! :)
  15. aha :) Cheeky buggers ...