bankrupting yourself on courses

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Hisbetterhalf, Sep 29, 2006.

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  1. I would love some advice on Civvy courses within the army.

    My partner is due out in June after 22 years, and is being advised on crane driving and CDR licences. For some reason, these are an extortionate amount of money, (I know that a lot of companies cater to the army, and bump their accomodation charges up). Having done some research of my own, some courses are considerably less, but is there a difference?

    He already has his HGV1 and FLT, so any ideas on the best direction to take, and is his civvie advisor on commission?!!
  2. I'm currently in the resettlement phase (out in June next year as well) and so far i've found that on average companies charge about £100 - £150 per day per student for courses. Obviously if your partner gets a well paid job after gaining this expensive qualification then it would have been worth it.

    I've saved money on some courses by doing research and going to the training supplier direct rather than through a third party. You just need to check that where you compare companies you take into account the actual qualification gained at the end.

    The only thing i'd suggest is that you both look at the job market and see what qualifications are needed for his particular area that he wants to work in and get them courses first.
  3. I left 3 years ago and my advice to everyone is get every course under your belt that you can, including those nerdy ECDL courses and then choose your resettlement course wisely.
    Courses in civvy street cost a bomb for example its nearly £2K for an H&S certificate and the cheapest place i found to do it was in Dubai. so if you can grab it while you are in do it.

    Good Luck
  4. Cheap courses in Dubai, I may have to put him on to that. should get him out of my hair for a bit! :D Any other stuff abroad for a few months? hehe
  5. I would like to know what you consider "extortionate". Most of the courses my people attend are in the region of £200 er student per day with a reduction for numbers.
  6. Don't let him do his resettlement at Richies - its a fking joke.
  7. That worth knowing, all of our planties seem to think its great.
  8. The crane I was learning on kept slipping out of gear, and the load kept falling, because the pedel was fcked - it happened to me and the other guy I was training with.

    And the forks kept breaking down, aswell. we was supposed to have a day and a half on each - ended up with about a days training in total.

    Another lad spent two weeks learning to drive a HGV on one particular wagon, then got given a different test, which he failed. He failed the reverse part, because he said the clutch was completely different to the he had trained in. Then when he made it known that's why he felt he had failed, he got shouted at by Mr Ritchie.

    And that fat cock with the glasses who teaches health and safety - Steven I think his name is - what a fcking twat.

    All-in-all, a waste of resettlement - the only real thing I got from it was learning to cook and doing shopping, as being an eight year singley, those things were completely alien to me/
  9. Cheers mate, I'll log that info for later use.