Bankrupting Britain - the EU & UK Energy policy (Video)

This film was produced by the Independence/Democracy Group in the European Parliament.
It incorporates EU-critics, eurosceptics and eurorealists. The main goals of the Group are to reject the Treaty establishing a constitution for Europe and to oppose all forms of centralisation.
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If they want to convince people of the rightness of their cause, then they'd better present a more convincing argument than this.

If the UK is in trouble with regards to modern energy generation, distribution and storage capacity, it's almost entirely self-inflicted. The privatised utilities have not invested in future provision because they don't look any further than the next shares dividend. The government have no apparent interest in making them try either. Consider how fast the idea of a windfall tax on high energy profits got ditched. One of the reasons that gas prices are higher in the UK than elsewhere in Europe is because we have no storage capacity. We can't buy when it's cheap (summer) and store it until we need it (winter). I believe most of our continental neighbours have about 3-6 months national storage capacity whilst we have 12 days or thereabouts. Some foreign firms make profits by buying our gas when it's cheap and selling it back to us when there is high demand (and a healthy profit margin) here. They have storage capacity because their national governments restrict their ability to pass on the costs of the 'last-minute' and 'just-in-time' purchasing policies of the UK utilities whilst our Suits seem more terrified of being seen as bad for business rather than letting a few pensioners succumb to hypothermia..

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