Will bankruptcy prevent me from joining the Army?

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Hi Guys

Before you start saying it's my own fault, I know it is.

Anyway...I've got myself in a little trouble with debt and I'm seriously considering bankruptcy but I was wondering if this would prevent me from applying to the Army?

Many thanks
15. Financial commitments – Debt and Bankruptcy You may be ineligible to join the Armed Forces if you have financial commitments, debts or loans that you would have difficulty in repaying or lead to financial hardship if you entered the services. Look carefully at the appropriate rates of pay so that you are able to work out your particular situation. The AFCA will ask you about this and will help you work through any queries. A person who is declared bankrupt (and as a result does not have a working bank account) or is insolvent may be ineligible to join the Armed Forces. Your AFCA will be able to assess your situation.

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