Bankruptcy: How does it affect your commissioning prospects

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Country_Bumpkin, Jan 19, 2006.

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  1. I have a Sgt who I've recommended to the CO for a commission. I've recently found out that this bloke has been declared bankrupt in the past - will this instantly bar him?

    If anyone knows the exact ruling, I'd be greatful if you could give me the source so I can retrieve it.

    He has been completely honest (although I didn't know 'til recently) about his status as a bankrupt. The rules should be the same for all types of commission, although this particular case has occurred in the TA.
  2. If he's an undischarged bankrupt then it may be a stopper. I know of one HAC officer who was required to resign his commission due to bankruptcy but he got it back a few years later (this was in the boom and bust eighties). Their "ooh how senistive" role may have been a factor then of course? 8)
  3. Here's another scenario along the same idea:

    I know an officer, commissioned in April 1996, who was declared bankrupt (the bankruptcy order was served on him) in November 1995. Documents confirming this state of affairs are in the London Gazette. The question I'm asking myself is 'if he was declared bankrupt how come he was appointed to a commission only 6 months later?'. Said officer does not serve in my locality anymore.

    Would this appointment be allowed or has he pulled a flanker? Would be very bad form, especially for a potential officer, if he had forgotten to mention his bankruptcy in the application form.
  4. i shouldn't imagine it would affect his prospects for commissioning. nor should it affect his vetting, as he has been completely honest about it.
  5. I would check with MS first, I know a S/Sgt who was recommended, passed the board and then informed that it wasnt possible to Commission from SNCO other than as a Warrant Officer.
  6. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Was there not a change in the law in regard to this last year? I thought bankruptcy only stood for two years now - something to do with Euro human rights cr@p?
  7. I know of an AGC Capt, who was once a Lcpl in 3 para only three years ago.
  8. The AGC Capt is probably a SSLC though, the S/Sgt may have been going for LE.
  9. bankruptcy lasts for 12 months with, in certain cases repayments being made up to 3 yrs after this period, this was not done as a human rights issue but as government scheme to help failed small businessmen get on their feet
  10. I disagree with the statement with regards to vetting. Detailed financial questionaires have to be filled in and may effect vetting. I know of a Cpl who lost his vetting due to financial irregularities. You could be seen as a soft target to agencies who could potentially lessen your finacial woes in exchange for information. (unlikely Yes) but the Defence Vetting Agency (DVA) take it seriously enough to beast you on vetting interview proof of outgoings loans etc. I recently dealt with a soldier whos posting and promotion were delayed due to the financial part of of the vetting process......why not ring DVA York and seek their advice there is a help desk number. PM if you want it.......good luck.