bankrupt recruits

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by YorkChick, Jun 26, 2007.

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  1. hey there
    I'm wondering if being bankrupt stops you from being able to join the army...
    am not bankrupt myself (yet lol) but worrying about coming close to it, but also strongly considering joining once I finish at uni in sept, but will be completely skint by then possibly in a fubar financial situation
    dunno if this more a financial or a recruitment question, but here it is
    please kindly inform me
  2. Yes it can do, there are other posts on this topic - search for them..
    I seem to remember the idea behind it may have something to do with being an easy target for bribery/conversion to a nasty commie when you have **** all cash
  3. Get yourself down the Citizens Advice Bureau pronto to sort your finances out, they are there to help you!
  4. An applicant whose debts would be more than 35% of his or her net pay cannot be enlisted.

    If the debts are between 25 – 35% of his or her net pay may be considered but is a risk candidate.

    Below 25% can apply

    Before the applicant can be processed they must provide proof of a working current bank account.
  5. The words "admin" and "vortex" spring to mind......................... :roll:
  6. Did you take out a student loan/ if so thensurely the rules apply you pay back the loan at a percentage once you earn in excess of 15k or so is that right.